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Empire Season 3 Release Date (UPDATE)

Empire Season 3 Release Date

Empire’s third season will return in Fall.  Fox recently announced that the show will return on September 21, 2016.

Empire Season 3 Release Date
Empire Season 3 Release Date

Empire 2016 Return

Empire 2016 return will be Season 3 Part 1.   Release Date: September 21, 2016

New Season of Empire 2016

The “new season” of Empire, 2016, will be the first portion of the show’s third season.  Similar to the show’s second season, there will be a midseason break.  

Diddy Suing Empire

So is Diddy suing Empire? Last year, rumors suggested that Diddy was upset about Empire because he felt that the show ripped off his life.

The following video explains that Diddy didn’t want his son affiliated with the Empire TV show:

Despite the rumors, Diddy informed Andy Cohen that after he found out that Lucious Lyon was an ex-drug dealer he knew Empire was not about him.

Ron Newt

Empire was recently sued by Ron Newt:

In the video above Newt explains that him and his three sons (The Newtrons) were in the process of signing with MCA after they left Jackson Records.  The deal did not go through because Ron was in prison on a gun charge.
Ron Newt explains that he met with Terrence Howard at a hotel a while back and the two discussed Ron’s film, “Bigger Than Big”.  Newt claims that Terrence used his life story in his role as Empire’s Lucious Lyon and Newt is asking for $1 billion.

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