‘Empire’ Season 2 Recap: Lucious Lyon So Far

New episodes of Empire Season 2 are so close — can you feel it? The hit Fox series finally premieres the rest of its second season on Wednesday night and the excitement is definitely in the air. So naturally, let’s recap Lucious Lyon in Empire Season 2 to celebrate the hiatus finally ending.

It feels like forever since we saw Lucious collapse into Cookie’s arms after Mimi Whiteman and her wife (surprise!) Camilla stage an Empire takeover and push Lucious out of his CEO’s chair. Suddenly, the man who was used to moving the chess pieces was without a chess board and it hurt him bad. What’s Lucious going to do? If there’s anything Lucious loves, it’s some good ol’ revenge.

We’ll have to wait to find out on Wednesday night, but here’s your recap of what Lucious has been up to until now.

Empire Season 2 recap: Lucious Lyon So Far

Lucious began the season behind bars, but he didn’t let that stop him from doing business (duh). He takes down Frank Gathers in jail, and works with investor Mimi Whiteman. Lucious even records a song while in jail and spars with a prison guard played by rapper Ludacris. But before we know it, shady but fun lawyer Thirsty Rawlings springs Lucious from prison and it’s back to business, baby.

Lucious starts having flashbacks of his own mother’s mental illness as he deals with Andre wanting his affections and trying to run Empire. He tries to sign Frank’s daughter Freda, who we will learn that she reminds him of, well, himself. He also poaches Valentina from Hakeem’s girl group Mirage a Trois, further making Hakeem hate Lucious.

Lucious accepts Andre back when he and Thirsty catch Andre and Rhonda digging up Vernon’s body, which causes all charges to be dropped. Lucious finally signs Freda and he works with her very closely. He even states at one point that he likes her more than he likes any of his own kids, who actually called him the devil during Andre’s baptism.

He and Freda make a song together, based on Lucious’ mom flashbacks. Lucious even pits Freda up against his own son Hakeem in a rap battle, in which Hakeem decides to drop his last name and association with Lucious.

It’s then revealed that Mimi is married to Camilla! They stage a meeting to vote out Lucious and, because Mimi is undergoing breast cancer treatments, Camilla is named acting CEO of Empire.

And that’s where we left off, with Lucious collapsing, crying into Cookie’s arms.