‘Empire’ Season 2 Recap: Jamal Lyon So Far

In exactly 15 days, new episodes of Empire will be back in our lives and I could not be more excited. The first half of Season 2 ended with a bang in December and life has been so empty since. In order to prep myself (and you) for the brand new episodes, I’ll be recapping every character’s storylines (so far) so you’re ready and refreshed for the rest of Season 2, when it premieres on March 30. And that day cannot seriously come soon enough.

First up, let’s recall what Jamal has been up to as the golden Lyon son of Empire Season 2.

Jamal in Empire Season 2

Jamal ended Season 1 on top of the world. He finally had his father Lucious’ approval — and it came in the form of Lucious naming Jamal the heir to Empire Entertainment. But balancing business, family, love, and music proved to be challenging for the brand new hit R&B artist. He was back with ex-boyfriend Michael and head of a major media empire — what could go wrong? Well, everything.

Jamal may have finally had his day, but his family was torn apart by Lucious’ actions — it became Cookie and Hakeem at new label Lyon Dynasty vs. Jamal and Lucious at Empire. Jamal bonded with yet another photographer — this time, one from Rolling Stone — who wanted to capture his artiste essence for his album cover and came onto him. Unfortunately, Hakeem got super jealous during one of their sessions, ruined the cover art, and then Jamal caught the photographer and Michael getting super intimate at a party.

And yet, just a few scenes ago, Jamal was consulting Ne-Yo (yup, that Ne-Yo) on whether or not he should make the leap and bring Michael on tour with him. Jamal also faced branding challenges — he didn’t want to only be known as a “gay artist” and he went after a cool opportunity to be featured in a commercial. So who does he consult? Lucious and Cookie, but separately, without each other knowing.

But in the end, the song that gets chosen is a combination of both Cookie and Lucious’ advice and sounds. Those two are magical together, whether they want to admit it or not. Jamal also felt some magic when he worked with Skye Summers and there was definitely chemistry — so much that they kissed! In the end, Jamal told Skye that he is definitely still gay and nothing is going to happen between them.

The show leaves off with both Lucious and Jamal nominated for Song of the Year. Who will win? That’s the big question.