‘Empire’ Season 2 Recap: Cookie Lyon So Far

Next up in our Empire Season 2 recap series is the one and only Cookie Lyon. The Empire Queen took her throne to her new label Lyon Dynasty and found a lovah — because Cookie’s gotta get her cookies, too. It was a run that earned actress Taraji P. Henson many award nominations and an unforgettable win at the Golden Globe Awards in January.

But it hasn’t been an easy Season 2 for Cookie. Let’s recall what happened to Cookie in Empire Season 2 so far.

Cookie Lyon On Empire Season 2 So Far

Cookie arranges a #FreeLucious concert to kick off the season, which makes some powerful statements on the stage. But later, the past comes back to haunt her when Frank Gathers threatens her from jail, but Lucious gets him, ahem, taken care of. Jamal stays at Empire, so Cookie starts Lyon Dynasty with Hakeem, Andre, and of all people, Anika. But Cookie kicks out Boo Boo Kitty, because come on! Like Cookie is going to trust her.

Once Lucious is released from jail, he and Cookie try to make amends many times, but fail. She gets wrongfully arrested, but Cookie uses the situation to sabotage Lucious’ satellite radio deal. Cookie decides to plan “Cookie’s Cookout” for Lyon Dynasty along with new body guard boy toy Laz, but still Thirsty Rawlings tries to steal the masters from Cookie.

Cookie and Laz consummate their relationship — a lot — but Hakeem has a bad feeling about this guy and with good reason. It turns out Laz runs with the crew that abducted Hakeem earlier in the season. Buh-bye Laz.

Later on, Cookie’s sister Candace turns up to seek out their other sister Carol, who has disappeared on a drug bender.  But Cookie’s Cookout does happen, at her old prison. When Lucious is ousted from Empire by Mimi Whiteman and Camilla, Cookie comforts him.

What does the rest of Season 2 hold for Cookie? We shall see.