‘Empire Season 2 Recap: Andre & Rhonda Lyon So Far

In less than a week, Empire Season 2 will return to our TV screens with new episodes and boy am I excited. You should be, too, because the Lyons have been gone for too long, and to be honest, what else is there to watch? Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 isn’t on Netflix yet, you’re probably done with House of Cards Season 4, and American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson is sadly almost over on FX. It’s time for Empire to return.

Next up in our Empire Season 2 recaps are Andre and Rhonaa Lyon. They ended Season 1 with two big secrets: They accidentally killed Vernon and Rhonda was pregnant. Here’s where they went from there…

Empire Season 2 Recap: Andre & Rhonda Lyon So Far

Cookie tried get Andre to join the new Lyon Dynasty, but he found that his heart lied with Empire. But Lucious was totally skeptical about Andre, due to his bipolar disorder, which caused Lucious to have many flashbacks about his own mentally ill mother. Andre even tries to tell Lucious about Rhonda’s pregnancy to try to gain favor with him, but Lucious sees right through him.

Andre and Rhonda decide to produce Vernon’s body in order to clear up Lucious’ legal situation. And it’s a crazy move that actually works to put Andre back in Lucious’ favor and back at Empire as the head of the label Gutterlife Records. He and Rhonda even get a new mansion from Lucious.

But then Andre’s own religiousness seems to become an issue for Empire and his father. Andre confesses his sins before his baptism, but he also seems to have some trouble getting the Lyons to attend, due to their own issues. Eventually, they all do show up to the event.

As for Empire. Andre encourages a rapper to embrace his Christianity in his music, which is a controversial decision. When Andre has to visit a government official he used to sleep with for favors, he decides to stop those shady tactics and he gets his way through legitimate means.

As for Rhonda, she runs into Anika at a smoothie shop and unknown to her, Anika is bonding with her over her pregnancy. It gets super weird and then in the finale, someone (Anika?) pushes Rhonda down the stairs. Uh oh….