Lucious Lyon Net Worth

Now that Hakeem is in control of Empire Entertainment is Lucious’ money funny?

We can learn a lot from Lucious. On Empire’s first season we saw how serious he was about his company, teaching us to care for our businesses in the same manner (minus murdering people).
Lucious Lyon’s net worth is about $600 million.  
That is quite impressive for Lucious. On Empire’s initial season we learned that he is from West Philadelphia.  In the show’s second season we saw that his mother, played by Kelly Rowland, committed suicide, leading him to record his unforgettable verse on Boom Boom Boom.
Lucious Lyon Net Worth
Lucious Lyon Net Worth
Lucious earned his wealth by releasing classic albums:
  • Conditions of Parole
  • The South Philly Mix Tape
  • Paid in Cash
  • Songs of Love and Hate
  • Return of the King
  • Lucious 1.0
  • Anthology: Complete Collection of Number One Singles
Lucious Lyon Net Worth
Lucious Lyon Net Worth
That’s seven classic albums.  ‘Paid in Cash’ was the first album Lucious released.  The album was an instant success and introducing the world to the talented young rapper.  Lucious Lyon also owns Club Leviticus, a shoe line and a champagne label.
We used Jay-Z and Diddy’s net worth to estimate Lucious’.   Jay-Z is worth $650 million and Diddy is worth $735 million.

By Jason John

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