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Carol Antionette Bennett – Stevie J Baby Mama

Update January 3, 2016

Carol Antionette Bennett is one of Stevie J’s five baby mothers.  If Stevie is the father of Joseline Hernandez’s baby, make that six baby mothers.  Stevie and his beautiful kids have been seen on his new reality show, Leave It To Stevie.  In episode 3, “Standing Down” we see Stevie and Carol’s daughter, Savannah Jordan, in a heated argument with her sister.

Carol and Stevie also have a son together, Stevie Jordan, Jr.  He is a very good college basketball player.

Carol Bennett, Stevie J’s baby mama, sued him for $1.1 million in unpaid child support!

Stevie J just can’t stop losing.  Last month, we found out that he is the father of Joseline Hernandez’s baby.  After months of speculation an autopsy revealed that Stevie is the father.  Hernandez’s fans were happy to hear the news because Young Dro, potential baby father number 2, has been in jail since August 2016.

Stevie has two children with his ex, Carol Bennett.  In court on Monday, October 17, 2016, the reality star signed a waiver of indictment.  In doing so, Stevie is basically saying that the state has enough evidence against him to move forward to trial.  We’re praying for you Stevie, but you have to start making smarter decisions!

Carol Bennett Stevie J Baby Mama
Carol Bennett Stevie J Baby Mama

The prosecutor on the case explained that if they would have went to trail the state would have been able to produce the witnesses, including VH1, to prove that the music producer, whose real name is Steven Jordan, had the ability to pay child support but he still failed to do so.  We guess Joseline wasn’t lying about everything.

Mimi Faust, another one of Stevie’s baby mothers, has made it clear that she doesn’t sue Stevie for child support because she knows he doesn’t have the money to pay her.  One reason he is unable to make his child support payment is the drug habit he recently went to rehab for.

By Jason John

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