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Bishop Eddie Long Illness – Cancer? Weight Loss? Sick?

Update: January 15, 2017

Bishop Eddie Long has sadly passed away.  He was 63-years-old.  A statement from his church explained that he battled cancer for a very long time.  His wife, Vanessa Long, filed for divorce in 2011 after four boys accused him of sexual misconduct.  A year later, Vanessa called off the divorce.

Additional information is provided in the following video:

Is Bishop Eddie Long sick? In the video at the bottom of this post, the church leader looks like he’s fighting a chronic illness.  He’s back in the news because of his weight loss, but many believe he has cancer of HIV.  The Bishop recently made an appearance at his New Birth Missionary Church.  Members of the congregation didn’t recognize the Bishop.

Bishop Eddie Long recently admitted that he was struggling with a health challenge but he didn’t provide any details.  He explained that he was able to lose weight thanks to the healthy diet he maintains.  Twitter’s reaction to the church leader’s new look was unforgettable.  Check out some of our favorite tweets below.

Bishop Eddie Long Illness Cancer Weight Loss Sick
Bishop Eddie Long Illness Cancer Weight Loss Sick

The tweet below shows before and after pictures of Long.  Many believe that the Bishop is battling a serious health issue.

Eddie Long loos like the black Mr. Burns from The Simpsons according to the tweet below:

The following tweet includes code language.  “House-In-Virginia” is code for HIV and “Apartment-In-Dallas is code for AIDS.

The tweet below doesn’t quite insult the church leader but “Karma is Real!”

The video below shows the new Eddie Long.  Do you think he’s sick? What do you think he has? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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