Cast from Empire Working on Empire Spinoff

Cast from Empire Working on Spinoff
The cast from Empire has been working with Lee Daniels to develop an extension to Fox’s hit series.  Fans will most likely see the Empire spinoff by late 2016.  Lee Daniels informed reporters that the Empire extension will be a prequel that focuses on a younger version of Taraji P. Henson’s character, Cookie Lyon.

Dana Walden, Fox TV Group co-chief has explained that the spinoff will happen and writers have began planting seeds in Empire’s episodes.  Lee Daniels has been working on his next project for Fox yet it has nothing to do with Empire.  Daniels is developing a soap called ‘Star’ about the journey of  three-member female singing group from Atlanta.  the show will take inspiration from the real-life stories of contemporary girl groups.

From Lee Daniels’ future work to his current show: Rhonda from Empireactress Kaitlin Doubleday, promised us that there would be a jaw-dropping Rhonda Lyon moment in season 2:

Who Pushed on Empire?
Rhonda from Empire wasn’t lying as proven in the last episode of the incredible series.  The midseason finale of Fox’s hip-hop series left fans with a countless number of questions.  So who pushed Rhonda on Empire?

Who Pushed Rhonda on Empire?
Who Pushed Rhonda on Empire?

Many people say it was Anika yet that would be too easy.  The reason we fell in love with the show is because it surprises us with shocking plot twists episode-after-episode.  Lee Daniels has his work cut out for him as he has spoiled us and we now expect absolute greatness from him whether it be Empire or the show’s spinoff.

Fox Next Empire Artist Revon Y

We recently discovered a talented young actor that Lee Daniels could certainly use in the Empire spinoff: Fox’s Next Empire Artist semi-finalist Revon Yousif is an actor, writer and singer from Detroit, MI.  Here is a demo reel he created recently that shows his talent:

Yousif is an aspiring actor from Sterling Heights one of Detroit’s core suburbs.  He attended Oakland University and has been acting for nearly six years.  He is best known for his role as Shia Collins in the sci-fi action thriller ‘2101’.

Yousif has played small roles in ‘Scream 4’, ‘Good News’ and ‘The Midnight Hour’.  Yousif knew that he wanted to be an actor since he was in the 9th grade.  His hard work and dedication may appeal to Lee Daniels who is certainly working on enough shows to find the perfect role for Revon.

We can learn a valuable lesson from Yousif’s Fox Next Empire Artist audition video: Be so good they can’t ignore you.

By Jason John

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