Thank you.

Thank you Lee Daniels and Danny Strong.  We wanted to take this time to also thank the show’s amazing cast for entertaining us Wednesday-after-Wednesday.  It is hard to believe that you have not even been with us for an entire year.

empire tv show
Empire TV Show

Thank you to those who don’t get enough credit for the Empire TV show:

  • The show’s executive producers
    • Brian Grazer
    • Francie Calfo
    • Ilene Chaiken
  • Empire’s editors
    • Joe Leonard
    • Zack Arnold
    • Raul Davalos
  • The show’s composers
    • Fil Eisler
    • Timbaland
    • Jim Beanz
  • Andrew Dunn, Cinematography
  • Maggie Furlong, Social and Digital Content at Fox

May you be proud of the work you do the person you are and the difference you make.

Certain individuals seem to only be happy when certain individuals consume as opposed to create.  Certain individuals have what is needed to create (laptops/access to high-speed internet/JOBS) while certain individuals only have the resources that limit them to consumption.  For those that rely on their mobile devices, consuming the advertisements attached to the content that certain individuals are able to create.

Empire has inspired us to create.  Individuals that never dreamed of creating are not submitting their videos in hopes of being chosen as one of Fox’s Next Empire Artist, where they will be able to show off their talents for the world to consume.

A somewhat recent scene that features Andre from Empire may help explain the goal this post.  In the Empire TV show’s ‘Fires of Heaven’ episode, Andre from Empire informs Cookie that she is soon-to-be a Grandmother.  Cookie explains the importance of heart strings to her oldest son whom wishes to return to Empire.

As Cookie declares, “You lose your soul when you feel like the world’s forgotten you.” For those that have never dreamed of the unlimited possibilities of using their own talent to create, Empire has been the encouragement we need to pursue our dreams.  We pull on the heart strings of those throwing shade at the show…It’s all we got.
empire tv show
Empire TV Show

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