Is Empire on Netflix?

People often ask: Is Empire on Netflix? We were wondering the same thing and finally found the answer.

Netflix is the number one online subscription service for watching movies and television via the Internet.  Empire is the number one show on television.  So is Empire on Netflix?

No, Empire is not available on Netflix.

Is Empire on Netflix?
Is Empire on Netflix?

Is Empire on Hulu?
This leads many Empire fans to ask: Is Empire on Hulu?

Yes, Empire is available exclusively on Hulu.

Fox made a deal with Hulu for all of the show’s future seasons.  Other Fox shows are available on Netflix but Empire is available exclusively on Hulu.

The entire first season of Empire is available on Hulu Plus and new episodes are accessible the day after they appear on Fox.

Is Empire on Amazon Prime?
Empire’s exclusive deal with Hulu leaves many wondering: Is Empire on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Empire is available on Amazon Prime.

Individual episodes of Empire are also available on iTunes for $2.99 per episode.  You can also purchase an iTunes season pass that would allow you to buy an entire season’s worth of episodes in advance and download each episode a day after it airs on Fox.

Empire is one of Hulu’s top shows.  Both Amazon and Hulu have been working hard to produce original content in an attempt to compete with Netflix.

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