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Family Over Everything Quotes, Empire Top 10

Jussie Smollett Terrence Howard
Jussie Smollett Terrence Howard

Empire provides beautiful family quotes despite Lucious and Cookie’s disfunction.  The Lyon family may not have it all together, but together they have it all.

Family Over Everything Quotes Empire TV Show
Family Over Everything Quotes Empire TV Show

Empire’s quotes about friends and family remind us to always show our loved ones how much we appreciate them.  We collected some of our favorite quotes about family and friends from the show and we are extremely excited to share them with you.

Cookie has delivered some beautiful family quotes that teach us that family is where life begins and love never ends.  Family over everything quotes have been delivered on Empire since the show’s first season.

Enjoy our Top 10 quotes about friends and family from the Empire TV show:

“Lyon Dynasty is our company but Empire is our Family and anybody that tries to steal that from us is our enemy.”

“He taught me that it was my responsibility, as the oldest, to always look out for you guys, to protect you.”

“But I’m asking you, as his brother, to find it in your heart to forgive him.”

“Because she’s our sister stupid.”

“Those women, they were like true sisters to me.”

“So whatever happens we gonna get our boy back, I swear.”

“And nothing says legacy like a grandchild.”

“They can be mad at me look at my family I guess it’s all in my bloodline.”

“When I look at you I see a piece of me, make me happy every time you count to three, never thought my heart would ever be complete, here’s a lock and you can throw away the key.”

“You and me we done been through a whole lot, but at the end of the day we are family and I want my family together and if I can have that I’ll let go of everything else.”

By Jason John

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