‘Empire’ Characters Who Need More Screen Time

Porsha Becky Empire
Porsha Becky Empire

Now, I love Empire more than anyone, but I have one tiny concern: Some of the new cast members are not receiving their due screen time. For Season 2, Tiana (Serayah), Becky, and Porsha were promoted from recurring to full-time cast members, but it feels like those three characters have barely appeared this season.

A few episodes ago, Tiana got robbed at Lyon Dynasty, but it was all part of a bigger storyline about Cookie’s safety at the label rather than about the emerging popstar herself. Cookie yells at Porsha a lot — even when Porsha brought in a cute dog.

Last week, Becky finally got a storyline — she’s seeing rapper J. Poppa, who Andre wants to turn into more of a spiritual artist for Gutter Life Records. Plus, Dre made it clear he knows Becky and Poppa are together and he is not happy about it.
Since Becky finally has a storyline, it’s time for Tiana and Porsha to get theirs, too. Maybe Porsha will finally rebel against Cookie’s shoddy treatment of her and head over to Empire Entertainment to work for Lucious. She could also take those pesky masters with her. As for Tiana, perhaps she could commit a public faux pas that causes her to have to join Hakeem’s girl group and conflict will abound.

In any case, these characters deserve more screen time, pronto.

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