Decoding The Trailer For ‘Empire’ Episode “True Love Never”

Hakeem Empire Gif
Hakeem Empire Gif
Mallory Carra | Entertainment

There’s never a dull moment in Empire Season 2 for the Lyon family and it doesn’t seem like this week’s episode will be any different for our favorite family. Last week, we left off with Cookie hooking up with the sexy and mysterious Laz, while Hakeem had some doubts after he was kidnapped and beaten.

So, what’s in store for this week? Let’s decode the trailer below.
  • Oh boy! Cookie and Laz are still going at it. But will it last? Hakeem seems to has his doubts about the new man in his momma’s life and his influence on her.
  • And so it’s come to this: Jamal and Cookie start sneaking around Lucious’ back. Jamal, probably unhappy with Lucious’ feedback lately, seems to turn to Cookie for thoughts on his new track. I knew these two couldn’t stay away from each other forever. Remember how close they used to be in Season 1?
  • Naturally, Lucious figures it out once he hears the song. Uh oh.
  • Whoa! Laz is working with someone and he tells him “we need to get paid.” Is he working with the guys who broke into Lyon Dynasty? Or the ones that kidnapped Hakeem? Or are they the same ones? This is intriguing! What a twist.
I can’t wait to see how it all plays out in full on Wednesday night!