If The ‘Empire’ Characters Played Baseball In The World Series…

Cookie Lyon Baseball Bat
Cookie Lyon Baseball Bat

Jamal celebrates after Cookie knocks it out the park:

Jamal from Empire Fox Gifs
Jamal from Empire Fox Gifs

Feel that void in your heart? Me too. Empire wasn’t on this week because of Game Two of World Series baseball between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals. While I’m happy to see my hometown team (the Mets) on baseball’s biggest stage, I was also bummed like you to see my favorite TV drama taking the night off.

So I’ve decided to combine the two things in Empire‘s absence. What would Empire Entertainment and Lyon Dynasty look like as baseball teams? Well…


Lucious Lyon – Ace Pitcher
Lucious knows how to throw a high fastball at ya, as well as a stiff curveball — you won’t even know it’s coming. He’s also a rare pitcher who can control the defense as well as be offensively sound. He’s one to watch for.

Jamal Lyon – First Baseman
Jamal can be very talented on offense — he can hit ’em out of the park when it comes to his music and his upcoming album. But he’s really gotta work on defense, where he has let Rolling Stone photographers and a girl who claimed to be his daughter slip by him on the bases.

Andre Lyon – Catcher
Dre has got a great stance and a lot of talent, but his defense isn’t very reliable. Many of this catches at homeplate are a bit erratic, but when he does get the runners at home, he gets ’em. His work with pitcher Lucious has a lot of tension. As for his offense, he’s a deliberate hitter with a great strategy, but it doesn’t always serve him well.


Cookie Lyon – Center Field
Cookie doesn’t get caught up in the details, but covers a lot of ground with a full view of the field. She rules the outfield and enjoys seeing the big picture. She’s also a helluva batter and comes with power at the plate. Umpires, beware — she will fight your calls.

Hakeem Lyon – Shortstop
Quick and often underestimated, Hakeem can turn-two like no one else. He’s young and scrappy, but just needs someone to believe in him and he can really flourish. Offensively, he’s a bit wild in his batting, but control will come with time.

Tiana – Utility Infielder
Tiana could take on many different roles — Vixen? Innocent ingenue? Crazy Popstar? — but the show hasn’t picked a path for her just yet. For right now, Ms. Brown fills in where she can.

Anika – Switch Hitter
Girl knows how to play both sides and does it well. Will she bat right or left handed? Which team will she step up for? We still have no idea.