Empire Soundtrack Season 2

The Empire Soundtrack Season 2 will not release until 2016 yet we can enjoy numerous releases from the album:

You gotta love Jamal. From Empire Entertainment’s amazing leader (when Lucious allows) here is the song Born To Love U:

A more recent track was delivered by Pitbull and Jamal. From Empire’s Fires of Heaven episode, here is No Doubt About It.

Cast of Empire TV Show Soundtrack
Cast of Empire TV Show Soundtrack


Cast of Empire TV Show Pitbull
Cast of Empire TV Show Pitbull

So much has happened with the Young Prince of the show, Hakeem. From Empire to Lyon Dynasty, almost back to Empire.  Here is his latest contribution to the show’s amazing music collection, Dynasty and Bout to Blow, both featuring Timbaland:

The track Hourglass is by one of our favorite members of the Empire TV show cast, V. Bozeman:

The Empire TV series has a deep roster of talent.  It is difficult to match the talent of the Empire cast. Season 2 also featured Lucious Lyon’s amazing song Snitch Bitch:

Serayah is one of our favorite members of the Empire cast. Season 2 has shown us that she is loyal to Cookie and Hakeem, joining Lyon Dynasty.

The Empire cast’s song Ain’t About the Money features Jamal and Hakeem or Jussie and Yazz!
You all probably remember this song from the first episode of this season’s Empire. On Fox’s season premiere of the hip-hop drama Sean Cross, Swizz Beatz, Jussie and Yazz dropped the amazing song Born to Lose:
‘Freda from Empire’ aka Bre-Z, played by Fred Gatz delivered the track Same Song for the soundtrack:

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