Decoding The Trailer For ‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 5: “Be True”

Andre from Empire Gif
Andre from Empire Gif
Mallory Carra | Entertainment

So much is heating up on Empire Season 2 lately. Lyon Dynasty and Empire Entertainment have become rival record companies. Hakeem and Jamal have once again become rival siblings. And — of course — Cookie and Anika are still rivals, but this time they both want to bring Lucious down.

But the trailer for this week’s episode focuses on eldest Lyon son Andre being welcomed back to Empire Entertainment  — and finally embraced by Lucious.

Decoding the trailer:

  • Lucious will be reviving an old Empire label, known as Gutter Life Records. And somehow, it’s going to be a test for Andre.
  • Lucious may have put Jamal in charge at Empire, but it looks like he still does not approve of Jamal being gay — and according to the episode trailer, Lucious does not approve of Michael. Between this and Jamal flirting with the Rolling Stone photographer, Michael must really love Jamal to stay by his side. At least Jamal has a great comeback at his father this time (“I feel like you should be the last person giving relationship advice”)…or is that creative editing? Hmm.
  • Andre is getting baptized! He’s all dressed in white. And Lucious doesn’t seemed too pleased. Jamal, however, is wants to support his brother. But hey, after confessing to the murder of Vernon last week, it seems like this is the cleansing Andre’s soul needs.
  • Ultimately, it does look like Lucious will make it to the church, but will he go in to support his son’s religious beliefs? That remains the question.
What did you think of the “Be True” trailer?