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Cast of Empire
The cast of Empire features so much talent that it must be very difficult for the show’s writers to ensure that all of the actors/actresses receive the amount of on-screen time that they deserve. Empire’s Season 2 cast features V. Bozeman and we wish we could see her more often!

V. Bozeman, Empire’s amazing singer that amazed us with the song ‘What is Love’.  The talented artist was born on January 9, 1988 in Los Angeles, California.  The 27-year old Capricorn raised in South Central and attended Crenshaw High, the same school that rapper and actor Ice T attended.  Veronika Bozeman is currently signed to Cee-Lo Green’s production team Eight Entertainment.

V. Bozeman Empire
V. Bozeman Empire

V. Bozeman’s Empire days have been limited yet we love it every time she makes an appearance! Despite V. Bozeman being a recurring character she steals the show every chance she gets.

Veronika Bozeman’s powerful vocals amazed us on the first season of Empire and we are glad that she is a part of Empire’s Season 2 cast.

V. Bozeman’s song ‘Hourglass’ was written by Terrence Howard and Max Beasley.  “Terrence told me he wrote the song during one of the lower points in his life” explains V. Bozeman. Empire fans were amazed by her hit song ‘What is Love’ on the show’s first season.

V. Bozeman doesn’t have to convince Google how talented she is.  During the months before Empire’s second season began, the most searched song from the hip-hop drama was V. Bozeman’s ‘What is Love’.  We are certain that we will see more V. Bozeman in the very near future!
V. Bozeman Empire
V. Bozeman Empire

By Jason John

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