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Empire’s Terrence Howard aka Lucious Lyon is back and as powerful as ever! The return of the Empire TV show, Fox’s hip-hop drama scored big: The season 2 premiere delivered 16.2 million viewers and a 6.7 rating.  This represents an 81% increase from Empire’s premiere last January.  These numbers are also very close to the show’s all-time high.
The season 1 premiere had 9.8 million viewers with a 3.7 rating.  Following the premiere, Empire just grew and grew, rising almost every week of its first season.  Just when you thought the show was done demolishing records: The premiere of Empire marks Fox’s highest-rated season premiere for a scripted TV show in 6 years.
The series, created by legendary producer, Lee Daniels, starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, is back following a successful first season.  There is no doubt that Empire’s success will continue throughout the show’s second season with star guests appearances and thrilling issues episode-after-episode!
Empire fans love talking about the show and there are numerous YouTube Channels that do a wonderful job covering Empire by providing their insight on each episode.  This article presents 10 Empire YouTube Channels that we simply cannot live without!
Empire TV Show Fox
Empire TV Show Fox

To the YouTube Channels that made the list: Thank you.  Thank you…not only for providing us with quality content, but also for supporting a show that we love.  Please continue doing the wonderful job that you have been, as we all know: Empire would not be successful without the community that has been built to support it.  You are a strong component of that community and we greatly appreciate you.

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