The Empire Series: Andre Lyon

The Empire series’ Andre Lyon is played by actor Trai Byers. Empire Entertainment’s eldest son graduated from Wharton’s Business School and he oversees the company’s finances.

Andre Lyon is the husband of Rhonda Lyon who is played by Kaitlin Doubleday.  Rhonda Lyon is very upset when Lucious does not grant Andre control of Empire.

Who Plays Andre From Empire?
Those seeking a deeper look into the talented actor’s life may still be asking, “who plays Andre from Empire?” Andre from Empire is played by Trai Byers, born and raised in Kansas City, KS.  Byers was born into a military family and travelled all over the world.

Trai Byers, Empire’s money-man, attended Andrew College, a religious, 2-year institution.  He earned his Associate’s Degree in Theater and then attended Prairie View A&M University prior to transferring to the University of Kansas where he obtained his Bachelor’s in Communications.

Similar to the character he plays on Empire Trai Byers attended an ivy league school, graduating from Yale’s School of Drama where he obtained his Masters Degree in Acting.

trai byers
Trai Byers

Empire’s Boo Boo Kitty
Empire’s Boo Boo Kitty Grace Gealey and Trai Byers are engaged in real life.  The Trai Byers Grace Gealey relationship evolved after the actors met on the set of Empire and began dating.

Byers made the proposal special by asking for Gealey’s hand in marriage on her 31st birthday, July 26.  The lovers celebrated their engagement with fellow costars and posted the following image on Instagram:

On the show, Gealey plays the former stepmother of Andre Lyon, played by Trai Byers. Grace Gealey has been showing off her halo diamond ring with an eternity band:

Trai Byers Grace Gealey
Trai Byers Grace Gealey

Trai Byers Grace Gealey
Trai Byers Grace Gealey

trai byers empire
Trai Byers Empire

Trai Byers Empire
Trai Byers Empire
Andre from Empire will keep our eyes glued to the TV this season as the show follows his struggles with bipolar disorder.  The second season of Empire premieres on September 23!

By Jason John

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