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How Old Is Vivica Fox?

How old is Vivica Fox!? At 52-years-YOUNG! Vivica proves that youth is the gift of nature whereas age is a work of art.

Despite Empire Season 2‘s long list of stars, Lee Daniels, the show’s creator explains, “I found that the more celebrities that I put on the show, the more it takes away from the family.”

how old is vivica fox?
How Old Is Vivica Fox?

Vivica Fox will guest star as Cookie’s sister on Empire! Season 2‘s list of stars just won’t stop growing.  This article will discuss numerous elements of Fox’s appearance on the second season of Empire.

tasha smith power
Tasha Smith Power

Tasha Smith, Cookie’s other sister on the TV series Empire played on the Starz television series Power produced by 50 Center.  Vivica A. Fox dated rapper 50 Cent in 2003.

50 Cent, beef-specialist, tried to take down Fox’s Empire before the show’s stars got a chance to build it:

50 Cent, Vivica Fox’s former boy-toy alleged that Empire was a copycat of Power and claimed that Empire stars, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson copied the marketing tactics Power had been planning to use.

50 stopped hating on Empire when he realized the history the series was making, completely separating it from 50’s show Power.

Vivica Fox: 50 Cent was the “love of my life.”  50 Cent: Vivica Fox’s comments forced him to respond in a mature manner.  The rapper explained, “I saw that, I was like wow…it’s interesting.  Women have the ability to be more advanced than men emotionally.”

50 Cent and Vivica Fox Pictures
50 Cent and Vivica Fox’s pictures bring back memories.  I cannot believe their relationship was over 10-years ago!?

Fox explained that the talented rapper just wasn’t the right fit for her.  Although was have not fully forgiven 50 for hating on Empire, we do admire the hard work he puts in and can understand how Vivica could have difficulties adjusting to his schedule.  50 Cent beef cannot bring down an Empire!

50 cent vivica fox
50 Cent Vivica Fox

50 cent and vivica fox pictures
50 Cent and Vivica Fox Pictures

Fox started acting in the soap opera Day of Our Lives  and is best known for Set It Off and Food.  Some may remember her from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, 90210.  My favorite Vivica Fox movies were Independence Day and Set it Off.

Vivica Fox, 50 Cent’s former is now all Empire’s! Season 2 will be here soon and Vivica is gonna Set It Off!

Empire season 2 will be back on September 23! Keep an eye on Empire Boo Boo Kitty for all the hottest Empire news this season!

By Jason John

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