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How old is Hakeem from Empire?

Many wondered: How old is Hakeem from Empire? Songs that enjoyed mainstream success…His ability to keep up with Empire’s star-studded cast.  He must have 20 years of experience!?  Hakeem off of Empire is 22 years old, born on November 28, 1993.

How old is Hakeem from Empire
How old is Hakeem from Empire?

The next question those who are unfamiliar with Hakeem off of Empire ask is: Who played Hakeem on Empire? Hakeem Lyon, Empire Entertainment’s fountain of youth, is played by Bryshere Gray. Empire is far from the actor’s first time creating and performing music.

Bryshere Gray, Empire’s Prince was born in raised in Philadelphia, just like Empire’s producer Lee Daniels.   Empire’s Boo Boo Kitty, Anika Calhoun was born in the Cayman Island yet she grew up in Philadelphia.

Boo Boo Kitty, Empire’s iconic catchphrase that Cookie stamped and approved, has been trending lately as the September 23 premiere of the show’s second season will be here before we know it.  No one can forget the Hakeem and Empire’s Boo Boo Kitty’s relations during season one.  This is yet another reason we are finding it difficult to wait for season two as the show’s jaw-dropping moments never-ended throughout its initial season.

Gray makes it clear that in reality, he is not the privileged Hakeem. Empire actor and rapper, Bryshere Gray began rapping after he suffered a football injury in high school.

There is no stopping HakeemFrom Empire songs that competed with major artists to completely mastering his role on the record breaking television show.

How Old Is Bryshere Y. Gray?
How Old Is Bryshere Y. Gray?
Some of the most memorable moments from the first season of the Empire TV show were thanks to Hakeem’s Empire songs.  One of our favorite Hakeem songs was Drip Drop! Another one of Hakeem’s songs that we enjoyed was Keep It Movin’.

Dear Fox,
Reminder for the second season of Empire: Hakeem Songs! The most amazing aspect of the show’s success was that Empire’s album and singles were competing with and outperforming the music industry’s most successful artists.

We love EmpireHakeem’s songs played a major role in the success of the first season’s amazing music.  My friends and I would not hesitate to purchase tickets to a Hakeem Lyon concert (hint, hint).  Thank you Fox, and please do not forget our request for the second season of Empire! Hakeem songs PLEASE!

who played hakeem on empire?
Who played Hakeem on Empire?
how old is hakeem from empire
How old is Hakeem from Empire?
empire drip drop
Empire Drip Drop
hakeem empire songs
Hakeem Empire Songs
hakeem empire actor
Hakeem Empire Actor
hakeem lyon empire
Hakeem Lyon Empire
hakeem off of empire
Hakeem off of Empire
Bryshere Gray Empire
Bryshere Gray Empire
Hakeem empire songs
Hakeem Empire Songs
Empire’s Hakeem and Jamal Lyon proved their ability to create studio hits yet Lola tested them in the above video and the Lyon brothers passed, delivering a classic bedtime song on the spot!
There is nothing more enjoyable than watching Empire’s Hakeem and Jamal Lyon collaborate to create amazing music.  When the brothers joined forces to make music it reminds us that there are an endless amount of possibilities in our lives. 

By Jason John

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