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Danny Strong: Movies and TV Shows from ‘That Jewish Guy’

Danny Strong’s movies and TV shows only paint half the picture.  Danny Strong, writer of the FOX TV series Empire, is also an actor screenwriter and producer.

Danny Strong, writer, producer, actor, etc…was born on June 6, 1974 in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Strong was raised in a Jewish family and began acting at a young age.  Strong became friends with Quentin Tarantino by renting movies from Video Archives.  Tarantino was a clerk at the store and him and Strong would chat about movies every time Strong would visit.

Strong was driving in L.A. and there was a story on the radio about Puffy.  The story motivated Strong to create something about hip-hop.  He contacted Lee Daniels and Empire was born.

Danny Strong Movies and TV Shows
Danny Strong Movies and TV Shows

How tall is Danny Strong?

While his talent is undeniable, Danny Strong’s height is often questioned.  For those of you wondering: “How tall is Danny StrongDanny Strong’s height is 5 feet 2 inches.

Strong played Danny Siegel on Mad Men and Jonathan Levinson on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  So how does Danny Strong “Buffy” transform into Danny Strong “Empire”? Moreover, how does Danny Strong “Gilmore Girls” develop Lucious and Cookie Lyon?

Danny Strong’s “Mad Men” is a bit more relatable to Empire: Strong played Danny Siegel, a young man with no talent attempting to break into the advertising industry.  Siegel’s struggles can be compared to the hardships the Lyon family experiences as they fight to maintain Empire Entertainment.

It is Danny Strong’s ability to adapt that sets him apart from the rest.  Strong is often the only white person at Empire events yet he does not feel uncomfortable.  Many people fail to understand that the key to success is the ability to adapt yet Strong has mastered the adaptability and continues to benefits from the priceless skill.

Danny Strong Empire
Danny Strong Empire

By Jason John

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