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King of Empire’s Jungle?

Empire on Fox Season 2

With only 2 months until Empire’s second season Fox wanted to ensure that we have not forgot.  Wednesday, the company released teaser posters for season 2 of everyone’s favorite hip-hop drama.  The posters include Lucious, Cookie and two lions.

The images made us wonder: Who is the King of Empire Jungle?

Which character does the most for the show? Similar to one of the ongoing debates in the series: Who had contributed most to the Empire?

Die-hard Cookie Lyons fans may take this question personal.  Taraji P. Henson has done a wonderful job as Cookie and there would be no Empire without the strategic moves that she made in the past.  Her style and grace ensured that we were unable to turn our televisions throughout Season 1 and she is the true King (or Queen) of the Empire jungle.

Cookie has kept her mouth shut (arguable) in order to protect the Empire.  Moreover she gave the Empire 17 years of her life.

Cookie knows music.  Lucious knows exactly who he has to go to when he needs the right touch.  She resurrected Hakeem and Jamal’s career.  Lucious attempted to bury Jamal’s career whereas Cookie knew exactly how to manage his talent and lead him to success.

What’s an Empire without adequate leadership? Those that argue Lucious is the true King of the Empire jungle would remind Cookie fans that it was his diligence that led Empire to the top while she was locked up.

Although Cookie risked her freedom, Lucious showed up everyday and put his blood, sweat and tears into the company and raising the boys.  Lucious’ consistency set the label apart.  Cookie’s drug money helped the company yet Lucious had to murder people in order to rise to the top.

Lee Daniels
After Empire’s Emmy snub many would say that Lee Daniel’s is the King of the Empire jungle and that is why he reacted the way that he did.  When you know that you put your heart into something and people refuse to give you the credit you deserve it can lead you to overreact.

No matter who you think is the King (or Queen) of Empire’s musical jungle we can all agree that Season 2 of Fox’s classic hip-hop series will roar.

By Jason John

Jason John is based in Maryland and covers Empire BBK’s News and Entertainment. He was previously a producer for the mobile site, helping to present Empire BBK’s news report to readers. More