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Empire Actors Jussie Season 2 Considerations

Empire Fox Cookie Anika
Empire Fox Cookie Anika 

Now that television is officially boring, we have nothing left to do but discuss what will happen in the second season of Empire.  One of the issues that will certainly be addressed in the season 2 premiere is whether Lucious and Cookie will be able to coexist.  I am almost positive that Lucious will hire a high-powered lawyer to get him off considering the mountains of cash that he has.  How will the two ever be able to trust each other again?

Another topic of debate is whether Oprah will make an appearance on the show.  If she does, what role could she play?  Cookie’s mother?  Is she too young-looking to play Cookie’s mother? Oprah is 61 and Taraji is 44 so she could have had her at 17.  Does Oprah’s real-life stardom have a negative impact on her potential guest appearance on Empire? Oprah is so successful that I am not sure that I will be able to take her serious if were to make an appearance on the show.  Despite the fact she did a wonderful job in both The Butler and Selma, Empire and Oprah may not match up.

By Jason John

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