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How Many Kids Does Eazy-E Have?

Vibe reports that rapper Eazy-E, whose real name is Eric Lynn Wright, would bring his children to his concerts.  Lil’ E, the rapper’s oldest son, remembers watching his father perform with N.W.A. from backstage.  At a 1989 show at the Los Angeles Forum, he remembers standing next to Janet Jackson as the Compton group performed. […]


Is Teyana Taylor Eazy E’s Daughter?

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.  A recent article being shared on Facebook claims that rapper Eric Lynn Wright, aka Eazy-E, is Teyana Taylor’s father.  The article is incorrect, Teyana is not Eazy-E’s daughter.  The Compton rapper had 9 children and she is not one of them.  Despite how ridiculous the article […]