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This post features some of our favorite tracks from Empire's third season.  Scroll to the links at the bottom of this post for additional Empire season 3 songs.

Empire Season 3 Soundtrack
Empire Season 3 Soundtrack

Jamal Lyon is slowly but surely returning to his old self.  He recently released his new song, "I Am Who I Am":

Mariah Carey and Jussie Smollett teamed up on the track "Infamous" which will be performed in the third episode of season 3 "What Remains Is Bestial":

Check out Yazz and Serayah's new song "The Clap Back":

Check out Serayah's song, "Starlight." Tiana Brown performs the track in "One Before Another."

Check out Tiana Brown's new song "Me" her response to Hakeem's diss track:

Nessa is making sure no one's sleeping with her new hit, "Woke":

"Nobody Else But You" by Yazz the Greatest and Sierra McClain:

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