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Lil Skies was born on August 4, 1998 and is currently 19-years-old.  He’s currently single.  In his song “Nowadays” he says “I’m too cool for a girlfriend.” People who have heard Lil Skies use the N-word have asked about his ethnicity and race.  Lil Skies is mixed.  His father is black and his mother is Hispanic.

Lil Skies is American.  He was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  As a kid, he didn’t play with toys, he was always listening to music.  Lil Wayne and 50 Cent were two of his favorite rappers.

Lil Skies Snapchat name is PrettyBoiiKi:

Lil Skies Snapchat Name
Lil Skies Snapchat Name

Lil Skies Dad

Lil Skies Dad Dark Skies
Lil Skies Dad Dark Skies

When Lil Skies was 3, his father, Michael Burton, Jr. aka Dark Skies heard him rapping in his room.  Burton was also a rapper so he decided to take his son to the studio.  Lil Skies recorded his first song when he was only 4-years-old.  He’s been doing his thing for more than 15 years and his hard work is paying off.  In 2013, Lil Skies and Dark Skies dropped a mixtape called Father-Son Talk.

Check out Lil Skies’ video for “Lettuce Sandwich”:

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