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Street Bud is a talented emcee who appears on season 4 of The Rap Game.  His real name is Jeremiah and he’s from Atlanta.  He was born on July 31, 2004 and is currently 13-years-old.  He’s the youngest rapper on the series and his mom, Cori, refuses to let him fail.  Street Bud’s Instagram name is @StreetBud_.

On episode 8 of The Rap Game‘s fourth season, “Swag Symphony” Street Bud gets the number 4 spot on the Hit List.  Street Bud also finished second in episode 7, “Quit Biting My Style!” so he’s starting to get frustrated.  Jermaine Dupri explains that Street Bud is talented but sometimes he gets too excited, causing him to rap off beat.

Street Bud Flau'jae The Rap Game
Street Bud Flau’jae The Rap Game

The pic above shows Street Bud with Flau’jae from season 3 of The Rap Game.  They both represent Georgia: Street Bud was born and raised in Atlanta and Flau’jae is from Savannah.  I think they should date!  Flau’jae was born on November 3, 2003 and is currently 14-years-old.  She about a year older than Street Bud but age ain’t nothin but a number!

Cori, Street Bud’s mom

Street Bud Manager Cori Mom
Street Bud Manager Cori Mom

You don’t have to look far to discover where Street Bud gets his charismatic personality.  His mom/manager, Cori is passionate about his career and never hesitates to call him out.  Sadly, Cori’s grandmother recently passed away.  A year before her grandmother died, Cori’s father passed away.

Cori reveals that her and Street Bud were homeless years before appearing on The Rap Game, explaining why she’s so serious about her son’s career.  He is only 13 and has already performed in more than 100 shows.  Street Bud is young so he has a short attention span.  Cori gets on him about his lack of focus during rehearsal, leading him to deliver an amazing performance with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

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