Chinese Nicky Age, Husband – Kitty’s Mother #LHHMIA

Chinese Nicky was born on December 19, 1978 is 39-years-old.  Her and her daughter, Chinese Kitty appear in the first season of Love and Hip Hop Miami.  Nicky and her husband have 8 children.  Nicky’s husband/fiance Akinyele “AK” Adams best known for his 1996 song “Put It In Your Mouth.”  He is the co-owner of King of Diamonds, one of Miami’s most popular strip club.

Nicky also owns Klothh, a clothing store in Miami.  She has known AK for more than 20 years.  Chinese Nicky understands the importance of having multiple income streams.  Along with her store, she has her own clothing line and she runs V-Live, a popular gentleman’s club in Miami.  The entrepreneur, whose real name is Nikol Hing is serious about her business but she’s more serious about her family.  Shay Johnson gets into a fight with Nicky’s daughter so Nicky takes matters into her own hands.

Chinese Nicky Age Husband Kitty's Mother #LHHMIA
Chinese Nicky Age Husband Kitty’s Mother #LHHMIA

Chinese Nicky snatches Shay’s wig

Chinese Nicky Snatches Shay's Wig
Chinese Nicky Snatches Shay’s Wig

The gif above shows Nicky snatching Shay’s wig.  Chinese Kitty and Gabrielle “Gabby” Davis are friends and Shay has beef with Gabby because she’s Pleasure P’s ex-girlfriend.  Shay confronts Gabby after Prince’s fashion show and Kitty tries to protect Gabby.  Shay throws a drink at Kitty so Nicki snatches Shay’s wig.

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