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Wendy Haskell is the woman who is suing former NFL player, Warren Moon for sexual harassment.  Wendy is 32 and her Instagram name is @WendyHaskell but her account is private.  Moon, 61, co-owns Sports 1 Management and in July 2017, he hired Haskell as his executive assistant.  She claims that he made her wear thongs and sleep in the same bed as him during business trips.

Moon’s not the only former NFL star being sued.  Jami Cantor recently filed a lawsuit against several former NFL players turned NFL Network analysts including Marshall Faulk and Donovan McNabb.  Wendy was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and in 2009, Haskell graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Wendy Haskell Warren Moon Instagram Buffalo
Wendy Haskell Warren Moon Instagram Buffalo

After completing her residency for her Doctorate, Haskell started playing in the Lingerie Football League.  A few years later, she landed a job at Time Warner SportsNet.

Read Wendy’s full lawsuit:

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Haskell was hired to help Moon keep his schedule organized and run errands but she claims that Moon made several sexual advances and even spiked her drink.  Her and Moon were on a business trip at a bar and they were drinking.  Wendy explains that her drink didn’t taste right so she asked Moon if he spiked it and told her that he did.

Wendy Haskell Warren Moon Instagram Buffalo
Wendy Haskell Warren Moon Instagram Buffalo

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