Tim Norman - Net Worth, Jennifer Williams

In February 2017, James "Tim" Norman aka Tim Montgomery opened Sweet Times in Houston, Texas.  Tim is Robbie Montgomery's son.  Robbie sued him after he opened Sweetie Pie's restaurants in California and Missouri without her consent.  Tim was forced to close three restaurants he opened in St. Louis so now he's working hard to develop Sweet Times.

Tim Norman Net Worth: $1 Million

Tim's $1 million net worth was earned through his hard work developing Sweetie Pie's.  Norman has expanded the Sweetie Pie's brand with the opening of Sweet Times despite being sued by his mother. Robbie loves Tim but she wants to remain a part of the company she founded and Tim moves too fast for her.  Tim and Robbie show how difficult it can be to mix family and business.

Tim Norman Net Worth Jennifer Williams
Tim Norman Net Worth Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams Net Worth: $30 Million

Tim's girlfriend, Jennifer Williams, has a net worth of $30 million.  She's known for her appearances on Basketball Wives but years before appearing on the series she was a real estate broker.  Williams owns Flirty Girls Fitness and she recently founded Classy Girl Wardrobe, an online boutique.  Jennifer and Tim are both about their business and they make a great couple.  

Jennifer Williams Net Worth
Jennifer Williams Net Worth

In the video below, Jennifer explains how her and Tim met.  She says that he's a ray of light and he always inspires her to do better.  Williams thinks that her mom placed Tim in her life.

In episode 15 of season 7, "With A Little Help From My Friends" we see Tim call Charles, Chloe and Monique to ask them to come to Houston.  Developing Sweet Times is hard work and Tim needs some extra hands.  Charles and Chloe agree to fly to Houston from Los Angeles to help Tim but Charles makes it clear that he will be returning to Los Angeles.

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