Kevin Hart Calls Out Michael Blackson - Breakfast Club

Kevin Hart called out Michael Blackson and Joe Budden during his interview with The Breakfast Club.  Blackson made fun of Hart after Kevin got caught cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko Hart.  Kevin explains that him and Michael are both from Philadelphia so he was surprised when he found out that Blackson was making fun of him.

Kevin says that he wishes Michael worked harder on his comedy and is still waiting for him to do a standup special.  Kevin also calls out Joe Budden for making fun of his cheating scandal.  Budden has had numerous relationship problems yet he still insulted Hart regarding his cheating scandal.

Kevin Hart Calls Out Michael Blackson On Breakfast Club
Kevin Hart Calls Out Michael Blackson On Breakfast Club

Kevin couldn't discuss all the details he wanted to because the FBI is still investigating his extortion scandal.  He calls out his ex-wife, Torrei Hart for making it seem like he cheated on her and says that they were already separated when he started dating other women.  Many believe that Kevin cheated on his Torrei with Eniko but Kevin says that's not true.

Hart also discusses owing fellow comedian, Gary Owen $2,000.  He says he has a great relationship with Gary and plans to pay him back ASAP.

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