Beyonce Hair - Grew Back

Tina Knowles is loving Beyonce's good hair.  She posted he picture below, showing the back of Queen Bey's head.  Beyonce's hair stylist, Neal Farinah, made headlines last week after he posted a picture of Beyonce showing off her long natural curls.  Scroll down to see Neal's post.  The haters couldn't believe Beyonce's natural hair was so long.

Many moms lose hair in the first few months after giving birth.  It takes about a year for your hair to start growing normally again.  It only took Beyonce a few months for her hair to start growing normally again.  The singer's body was also back to normal in a few short months.  Queen Bey continues to prove that she's far from normal. 🍋🐝

Beyonce Hair Grew Back
Beyonce Hair Grew Back

Neal posted the following pic of Beyonce showing off her natural curly hair.  The Trinidadian hair stylist is finally using social media to show off his amazing talent.  Like Beyonce, Neal Farinah usually lets his work do the speaking.  Neal and Beyonce have switched things up and they're both sharing unique content on social media.

The infographic below offers some of Beyonce's greatest hairstyles of all-time:

Beyonce Hair Infographic
Beyonce Hair Infographic

Beyonce's hair is breaking the Internet:

The post above explains that the haters were upset when they found out that Beyonce's hair was real.  While the singer receives a massive amount of love and support she also receives a substantial amount of hate.

Beyonce cut her hair in 2013 and it all grew back.  This explains some people's skepticism.  The post below demands Bey to provide an explanation.  Let us know what you think about Bey's hair in the comment section below.

Check out some of our favorite Instagram posts from Neal and Beyonce:

Yonce's natural curls had Colin Kaepernick smiling from ear-to-ear.

The post above shows the most iconic braid ever.

What do you think about Beyonce's hair? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.