Anna Akana – Max Landis Accused Of Sexual Assault

Anna Akana has accused Max Landis of sexual assault.  Akana is an actress, comedian and filmmaker, best known for her YouTube channel which has nearly 2 million subscribers.  Landis is the screenwriter, producer and director responsible for Bright, the worst movie of 2017.  The Netflix film stars Will Smith and it’s worse than Wild Wild West.

Landis doesn’t have time to worry about the horrible movie he made with Will Smith because he may end up in court soon.  Anna explains that she met Landis through an ex-boyfriend who was his best friend.  Akana claims that Max mistreated her and ruined her relationship with the director’s best friend.

Anna Akana Max Landis Sexual Assault
Anna Akana Max Landis Sexual Assault
In the following tweet, Netflix announced Bright and Anna claps back by calling Max a psychopath who sexually abuses and assaults women.

Anna Akana Max Landis Sexual Assault
Anna Akana Max Landis Sexual Assault
Akana claims that Max also mistreated other women, including his ex-girlfriends.  Anna says that she knows multiple women who have been sexually abused and assaulted by Landis.  Anna reveals that Max shoved her at a party after she tried to stop him from harassing one of his ex-girlfriends.

In the following tweet, musician, Allie Goertz calls out Landis:

Like Harvey Weinstein, Max Landis is successful and wealthy so women are scared to expose him.  The #MeToo movement has changed the entertainment industry and Landis is the latest powerful mogul to exposed.

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