Navarro Gray, Ashley Diaz - Love And Hip Hop New York

In episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop New York season 8, "Rubbing Me The Wrong Way" we see Anais Martinez's manager, Navarro Gray working hard to take Martinez's career to the next level.  Navarro introduces Anais to Rich Dollaz who turns out to be his fraternity brother.  Rich is attracted to Anais and we'll see their relationship flourish throughout this season of Love and Hip Hop.

Navarro's girlfriend Ashley Diaz Vs Anais Martinez

Ashley Diaz is Navarro's girlfriend and she hates how Anais is constantly flirting with her man.  Ashley explains that Martinez initially respected her but then she started getting rude.  Ashley tries to tell Anais about herself at a meeting but Anais starts arguing and they almost get into a fight.

Navarro Gray Ashley Diaz Love And Hip Hop New York
Navarro Gray Ashley Diaz Love And Hip Hop New York

Attorney Navarro W. Gray

Love and Hip Hop shows Navarro as a music manager but he's also an entertainment attorney.  He's the mastermind that negotiated Fetty Wap and 300 Entertainment's deal.  In 2015, Fetty Wap signed a deal with Sony/ATV Publishing in conjunction with 45th and 3rd.  Gray explained that the deal helped the rapper's music get branded through new mediums.

Gray is currently a Municipal Public Defender for the City of Hackensack and he also has his own practice, The Gray Law Firm based in New Jersey.

Navarro met Ashley through his client and her sister, Ayisha Diaz, a popular video vixen who also appears on Love and Hip Hop.  Ashley co-manages Ayisha's career.  Between Ashley, Ayisha and Anais, Navarro has his hands full with all these beautiful Dominican women.

The tweet below explains that Navarro should have been the one to check Anais.  Ashley took the initiative and tried to fix the problem herself but that didn't work.  Navarro is a professional problem solver but will he be able to find a way to work with Anais while he's in a relationship with Ashley?

Is Navarro disrespecting Ashley by working with Anais? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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