What Happened To Giuliana On Empire?

Where is Lucious' ex-girlfriend, Giuliana (Nia Long)? In Empire's season 3 finale, "Toil and Trouble, Part 2" we saw Lucious and Giuliana handling business at Leviticus in Las Vegas.  Charlotte (Eva Longoria) warns them that she doesn't want to see a repeat of the Tupac incident and they assure her that she won't.

Lucious has a change of heart in Vegas and tells Giuliana to kick rocks.  He has plans to get back with Cookie and tells Andre that he's in control of Empire Entertainment.  Andre and Shyne planned to kill Lucious but luckily Lucious doesn't die in the explosion.

What Happened To Giuliana On Empire?
What Happened To Giuliana On Empire?

Andre is now being investigated and Pamela Rose (Teyonah Parris) seems to think that he may have been involved.  Andre is blaming the incident on Giuliana and claims that's why she disappeared.  Andre is too smart to tell the lie if he hasn't had Giuliana murdered.

This will most likely go down as another unsolved Empire mystery.  I'm still waiting for a funeral for Rhonda Lyon.  Bunkie got a funeral, why wouldn't Rhonda? There are too many other storylines the series is currently exploring.

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