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The video at the end of this article shows Welven Da Great with his girlfriend.  It’s great to hear from the social media star who rose to fame in 2015.  Welven Harris aka “Got Eem!” was born on May 31, 1988 in Long Beach, CA.  As a child, he was bullied but he never let other people’s opinions bother him.  As we’ve learned from his fame, he loves practical jokes.

Welven Da Great Net Worth: $300,000

Welven Da Great’s $300,000 net worth was earned through appearances during his fame.  He would charge up to $4,500 for appearances.  Most of the appearances were clubs and parties.  Welven has been seen with numerous celebrities.  A few years ago, him and Amber Rose were spotted at a club. 

Welven Da Great Girlfriend Net Worth Wiki
Welven Da Great Girlfriend Net Worth Wiki

Here’s a throwback pic of Melvin:

Welven Da Great Baby Pic
Welven Da Great Baby Pic
When Welven’s fame started declining, people started a rumor that he was dead.  The rumor was false, Welven is alive and well.  He now lives in Compton.  He was raised by his aunt who says that he has always been hilarious.  Welven reminds us how powerful the Internet can be, transforming his life and enabling him to rise to fame.
The Internet never stops.  There were also rumors about Welven being arrested for sexual assault.  Him and his manager clear up the rumors in the video below:

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