Vincent Herbert – Net Worth 2017, Cheating, Daughter

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert’s relationship is over.  Braxton filed for divorce one month before their 9-year anniversary.  Some people think it’s because of Vincent’s cheating and his secret daughter.  The truth will soon come out.  Tamar will expose Vincent’s lies in court to get the most spousal support she can.

Vincent Herbert’s Net Worth As Of 2017: $5 Million

Vincent Herbert’s $5 million net worth was earned through his work as a songwriter and producer.  He’s best known for discovering Lady Gaga.  Singer, Akon has tried to take credit for discovering Lady Gaga but Tamar never hesitates to set the record straight.  Herbert currently runs Streamline Records, an imprint that operates under Interscope Records.
Vincent Herbert Net Worth 2017 Cheating Daughter
Vincent Herbert Net Worth 2017 Cheating Daughter

Cheating Rumors

Last year, rumors about Tamar and Vince’s cheating made headlines.  First, there were rumors about Tamar cheating on Vincent but then rumors about Vincent cheating arose.  The couple has denied the rumors but where there’s smoke there’s fire.  Who would make up rumors about the couple cheating on each other?
Vincent Herbert Cheating, Daughter
Vincent Herbert Cheating, Daughter

Secret Daughter

Earlier this year, a woman claimed to be the mother of Vince’s secret daughter.  She claimed that her daughter turned 8 on June 28 and advised Vince to pay child support.  The woman alleged that her and Vince had a one-night stand the day before he married Tamar and then he paid her to stay quiet.  Tamar shut the woman down with a long Instagram message.

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