Ty Dolla Sign Girlfriend – Alycia Bella

Ty Dolla Sign’s ex-girlfriend, Alycia Bella, was seen on episode 1 of The Platinum Life‘s first season, “Keep It Cute.” Alycia explains that Ty cheated on her.  She’s a recording artist and she’s scared that her and Ty’s friends will be on Ty’s side because of his career.  Alycia is close to Kid Ink’s bae, Asiah Collins.

Ashiah has beef with Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Smith.  In episode 1 of the series, Ne-Yo buys Crystal and the girls ticks to see Jennifer Lopez perform in Las Vegas.  As soon as the jet takes off, Asiah and Crystal start arguing.  Alycia explains that she would be willing to fight Crystal with Asiah.

Ty Dolla Sign Girlfriend Alycia Bella
Ty Dolla Sign Girlfriend Alycia Bella

The tweet below explains that Ty Dolla Sign was in a relationship with Lauren Jauragui from Fifth Harmony.

Last year, Ty teamed up with Fifth Harmony for the song “Work From Home”:

When someone shows you themselves, believe them.  In Ty’s hit song, “Paranoid” he explains that he’s a player.  Alycia didn’t realize how honest he was being.

Adele showed the world the power of a breakup.  Hopefully Alycia can use the series to take her music career to the next level.

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