Tommy Aldon Beats Up Grandmother

MTO reports that Tommy Aldon live streamed himself beating up his grandmother.  Tommy is making money moves.  He recently signed a deal with YouTube to start producing videos.  Tommy’s life was on the right track but now things are getting out of control.  Fighting a family member is horrible but beating up a grandparent is on another level.

A few months ago, Tommy announced that he was leaving Champs Sports, his first and last retail job.  Anyone who has worked retail should be able to relate.  From the long lines to mean managers, retail jobs can get very frustrating.

Scroll down for Tommy’s Snapchat information.

Tommy Aldon Beats Up Grandmother
Tommy Aldon Beats Up Grandmother

Tommy Aldon Snapchat Name

Tommy Aldon’s Snapchat name is TommyAldon:
Tommy Aldon Snapchat Name

In the Instagram post below, Tommy explains that he appreciated working at a place where he could be openly gay without any issues.  He says he didn’t experience any discrimination during his time at the store.

So today was my final day working at Champs Sports . After working there for several years I’ve grown a tremendous amount, but most of all I was able to learn so much that will ultimately help me throughout my future endeavors. I recall getting hired years ago. I was so young and it was my first job ever and mark my words ” It will be my last retail job.” Nonetheless I’m extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to work in a environment where my sexuality was accepted & I didn’t receive any form of discrimination for being openly gay. Because unfortunately everyone can’t say that. I’ve heard stories from people who’ve had to eat their lunch in a bathroom stall because no one wanted to be around them simply because they were gay but that’s another story. I’m currently unaware of what my future has in store for me but I’m excited to see how far I can go from here. FYI – I’m sitting beside 100 shoe cares because I was the only BITCH that sold 100 shoe cares a day!
A post shared by Tommy Aldon (@tommyaldon) on Apr 18, 2017 at 2:29pm PDT

I hope the next time we write about Tommy we’ll be celebrating all the positivity he offers.  His positivity has earned him tons of followers and they don’t want to see him beating up his grandmother.

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