Kash Doll – Keke Palmer, Chilli From TLC Movie

Kash Doll and Keke Palmer are flirting on Instagram.  In the Instagram post below, Kash Doll tells a fan that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.  Keke Palmer asks the rapper if she has a girlfriend, and Kash responds that she would only date the girl that played Chilli in the TLC movie.  Did Kash just shoot her shot at Keke or was it all fun and games?

Keke played Chilli in VH1’s 2013 film, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.  Palmer currently plays Gigi on Lee Daniels’ Fox series, Star.  Keep reading for more information about Kash Doll.

Kash Doll Keke Palmer
Kash Doll Keke Palmer

Check out Keke and Kash Doll’s conversation in the Instagram post below:

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Drake Hit Kash Doll In The DM

Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj warned us that it goes down in the DM and Kash Doll is living proof that they weren’t lying.  In the video above, the rapper explains that Drake hit her in the DM to wish her a happy birthday.  She initially didn’t see the message but then she promised her friend that she would introduce her to Drake for her birthday.

Drake Kash Doll
Drake Kash Doll
Kash Doll was just playing with her friend.  She didn’t know Drake but once she went to send the rapper a message she noticed the DM he sent her on her birthday.  Drake was performing in Detroit, Kash Doll’s hometown, and offered to let her open up for him.  She accepted his offer.  You gotta love Drizzy!

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