J Boog B2K Net Worth

J Boog’s net worth is $1.5 million.  The talented singer and former member of B2K was seen on the season 4 finale of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, “No Place Like Home.” J Boog was born Jarell Houston on August 11, 1985.  He’s one of the original members of B2K, explaining why he’s protecting the group’s legacy.

Fizz wanted to get B2K back together but J Boog wasn’t feeling that idea.  J Boog explained that a B2K reunion wouldn’t be right without the group’s former members.  Ray J’s all about the future and accepted Fizz’s invitation to join the group.  J Boog took their plans personal and him and Ray J exchanged insults.

J Boog B2K Net Worth
J Boog B2K Net Worth

J Boog has a valid point.  A B2K reunion wouldn’t feel real without Omarion and Raz B.  Fizz doesn’t want to work with Raz B and Omarion is focused on his solo career.

I don’t think Omarion will change his mind so J Boog may want to reconsider allowing Ray J to join B2K.  If Raz B can convince them that he’s no longer a liability they should let him rejoin the group.  As Fizz explained, B2K left money on the table.  They still have fans that would love to see them reunite.

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