How Many Kids Does Offset Have?

Offset has two kids, his son, Kody and his daughter, Kalea Marie.  Kody's mother is Oriel Jamie.  She used Instagram to congratulate Offset and Cardi B on their engagement.  Oriel owns VIP Hair Collection and VIP Brows.  Kalea's mother is rapper, Shya L'amour.  Offset got Oriel and Shya pregnant around the same time.

Offset's daughter, Kalea

Offset Daughter Kalea
Offset Daughter Kalea

Offset's daughter, Kalea, was born on March 24, 2015.  Her mother, Shya L'amour had to call the rapper out a few years back for neglecting his baby girl.  The rapper recently stepped up his game.  The following video shows him and Kalea spending quality time together.

Once Oriel found out that Offset had a baby with Shya, she broke up with him.  Here's a pic Shya recently posted.

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Offset's son, Kody

Offset Son Kody
Offset Son Kody

Kody was born on March 3, 2015.  Offset and Oriel were in a relationship, making it easy for the rapper to spend time with his son.  Oriel is a hustler.  She started her own eyebrow service and she also does weaves.  She currently lives in St. Louis and isn't bitter about Offset's relationship with Cardi B.

Oriel congratulated Offset and Cardi on Instagram but revealed that her and Kody haven't met Cardi B.  Offset will have to introduce Kody to his new stepmom ASAP!

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