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Jazzy Rowe, Briana Brochu - breezy_bumble_b University Of Hartford

Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear Jazzy Rowe describe how Briana Brochu poisoned her!

Bianca Brochu is the University of Hartford student who poisoned Jazzy Rowe.  Briana admitted to putting Jazz's toothbrush where the sun doesn't shine along with so much more.  If you don't like your roommate, submit a complaint to your school's department of resident life instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Bianca will definitely be kicked out of the University of Hartford.  Scroll to the Facebook video below to hear Jazzy describe the incident.  The Shade Room reports that Jazzy started feeling sick and was experiencing extreme throat pain.  She eventually decided to move out because Bianca made her feel unwanted.

Here's a picture of Jazzy and Briana:

In the following Instagram post, Briana explains that she finally got Jazzy to move out.  She admits to spitting in her coconut oil and putting moldy clam dip in her lotion.  Did Briana really think …

Did Wendy Williams Have A Mini Stroke?

The Internet is convinced that Wendy Williams suffered a mini-stroke.  The television host passed out on live television and claims it's because she was dehydrated.  Some say she suffered a seizure while others think it was just bad karma.  While many people have no stroke symptoms after their mini stroke, a person who suffers a mini stroke is 10 times more likely to suffer a full stroke.

Mini stroke aka transient ischemic attack (TIA) "Mini stroke" is slang for a transient ischemic attack (TIA).  While strokes can cause permanent disabilities, mini strokes do not.  Smoking can increase your risk of stroke and Wendy was addicted to drugs during her days as a radio personality.  She was working too many hours and started using cocaine.

A stroke occurs when there is an interruption in the blood's flow to the brain.  Earlier this year, many thought New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft suffered a stroke on live television.  I also think Kirk Franklin suffered a strok…

Eva Marcille - Domestic Violence, Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille was a victim of domestic violence.  Two months after Eva and her baby daddy, Kevin McCall welcomed their daughter, Marley Rae, Eva had to file a restraining order on Kevin.  In episode 2 of VH1's Scared Famous, "Death Is Coming!" Eva brings up the tragic event after finding out that Don Benjamin planned to donate to Peace Over Violence because his mother was a victim of domestic violence.

Kevin McCall discusses his struggles with domestic violence with Iyanla Vanzant Last year, Kevin McCall appeared on Iyanla Fix My Life to discuss his struggles with domestic violence.  A few months later a woman accused Kevin of beating her unconscious.  In Eva's restraining order she explained that McCall kicked down multiple doors in their house and snatched their daughter out her hands.

Don comforts Eva Don explained how difficult it was to witness his mother getting beat when he was too small to defend her.  There wasn't a dry eye at the table.  Eva couldn't…

Anais Martinez - Net Worth, Kids

Lawyer, Navarro Gray, is trying to make Anais Martinez a star.  The Dominican-born singer dominated the Latin market for a few years but then she took a break to have kids.  Now, Anais' husband, Ruben Martinez, thinks she's a housewife and Anais refuses to accept that role.  In season 8 of Love and Hip Hop New York we'll see Anais Martinez's journey back to the top.

Anais Martinez Net Worth: $3 MillionAnais Martinez's $3 million net worth was earned in the Latin market.  She then married Ruben, her sugar daddy, and began focusing on her family.  It's difficult to be a mother and a popular artist.  Beyonce makes it look easy but it's actually very hard.  Anais isn't exactly focused.  We see her flirting with her manager, Navarro and she's hooking up with Rich Dollaz.

Anais Martinez Kids
In 2008, Anais suffered an ectopic pregnancy.  In season 7 of Love and Hip Hop, we saw Remy Ma suffer through the same tragic experience.  
The following pic shows Ma…

Bri Taylor Vs. Bianca Bonnie - Love And Hip Hop

Bri Taylor and Bianca Bonnie have been beefing for more than a decade.  The ladies got into a fight in episode 1 of Love and Hip Hop New York season 8, "Unity." Bri claims that Bianca stole her swag. DJ Webstar and Rich Dollaz are in the studio listening to Bri and Webstar tells Rich about Bri's beef with Bianca.

Juju and Remy Ma tell Bianca to let it go Remy Ma is all about women unifying this season so she throws a networking party.  Juju and Bianca are there and Juju tells Remy about Bianca's beef with Bri.  Juju says that Bianca was in the club with a hoodie on, ready to fight.  Bianca reveals that she dragged Bri that night and Remy advises her to let it go because she doesn't want Bianca to end up in jail.

Bri and Bianca's brawl at the club Rich decides to take a chance on Bri after she convinces him that she's focused.  They attend an industry event and Bianca shows up.  The ladies try talking but that doesn't work.  Bri lunges at Bianca but lu…

How Old Is Anais From Love And Hip Hop New York?

Anais Martinez is 33-years-old.  Anais is not a man.  the singer was born a woman on June 22, 1984 in Santo Domingo.  Although Anais was born in the Dominican Republic, she moved to the Bronx at a young age.  Like many Love and Hip Hopstars, Anais has a personality that you either love or hate.  Scroll down to see how Twitter reacted to Anais.

Anais husband, Ruben, looks out of place on Love and Hip Hop.  It's easy to see why she married him: Money.  Now Anais is wondering why she isn't happy.  Martinez worked as a music teacher before winning Objetivo Fama, a reality competition series in Puerto Rico.  She released multiple tracks that performed well and then took a break to have kids.

The tweet below explains exactly why Anais is married to Ruben:

Why is Anais married to Ruben? — Love & Hip Hop (@TheLHHSuperfan) October 31, 2017
The following tweet shows how Ruben should have handled the Dominican singer's disrespect:

Anais mad disresp…

Yandy Smith - Bikini Pics, On The Beach

Scroll down to see Yandy Smith's bikini pics that Mendeecees Harris got mad about.  The pics show her on the beach and aren't revealing at all.  Mendeecees is 39 and doesn't get out of jail until November 28, 2020.  You can tell that the time is getting to him because he's being petty.  What does Mendeecees expect Yandy to wear to the beach?

Judy pops up on Yandy Mendeecees isn't only complaining about Yandy's bikini, he also gets his mother, Judy, to pop up on Yandy while she's working with Graph.  Yandy is rubbing oil on the rapper's arms when Judy interrupts and goes crazy.  First, she goes in on Yandy and then she tells Graph about himself.

Mendeecees early release petition denied Mendeecees is most likely stressing because he realizes that he won't be getting out of prison early.  In May, a federal judge ruled against his petition for an early release.  Harris is now taking his anger out because there's no one else to blame.  The only perso…

Anais Martinez Husband - Ruben

Love and Hip Hop New York's newest cast member, Anais Martinez, is married to an older man named Ruben.  Anais is 33-years-old.  The couple's marriage is horrible and they're discussing divorce.  They got married when Anais was 20 and they have two kids.  In episode 1 of Love and Hip Hop New York season 8, "Unity" we see Anais flirting with her manager Navarro and Rich Dollaz.

Cardi B + Joseline Hernandez = Anais Martinez Like Cardi B, Anais is Dominican and similar to Joseline Hernandez, Anais is a free spirit who loves flirting.  Cardi's relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Tommy, didn't work because she was focused on her music career and he became a distraction.  Anais has the same ambition we saw in Joseline Hernandez.  The "Puerto Rican Princess" stole our hearts with her relentless ambition and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

Anais and Ruben are discussing divorce and I don't know what they're waiting for.…

Dreamdoll - Love And Hip Hop New York Season 8

Dreamdoll appears in episode 1 of Love and Hip Hop New York season 8, "Unity." Will she be the next Cardi B? Self introduces Dreamdoll to Safaree and the former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star is intrigued.  Safaree has received a large amount of credit for Nicki Minaj's success, enabling him to work with all the hot new artists.

Dreamdoll is dating SafareeSafaree is running through the Love and Hip Hop cast.  He dated Nikki Mudarris during his time on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and now he's dating Dreamdoll.  Will they be able to keep business and pleasure separate? Safaree is a player and we all know he cheated on Nicki Minaj.

From Bad Girls Club to Love and Hip Hop If Dreamdoll looks familiar it's because she was on Bad Girls Club.  She appeared on season 16 of Bad Girls Club and is best known for her fight with Kailie.  
Tabatha "Dreamdoll" Robinson was born on February 28, 1992 in the Bronx, New York.  She worked as a bartender before joining the c…

Cardi B And Mom - Could Be Twins

Cardi B and her mother look like twins in the pic below.  They posed with Cardi's fiancé, Offset, after he put a ring on it at Powerhouse 99.  Cardi is seen showing off her massive 8-carat diamond ring.  Cardi B's mother is Dominican and was very strict when she was younger.  Her hard work is paying off and now her baby girl is getting married.

Cardi B's parents worked hard to keep Cardi and her sister, Hennessy Carolina out of trouble but that's not easy in the Bronx.  Cardi became a stripper when she was 18 and she also joined the Blood gang.  Luckily, she loved social media and would post hilarious videos on a consistent basis, eventually earning her a spot on Love and Hip Hop.

Cardi B's mom pushed her down the stairs The video below shows Cardi's appearance on Kocktails with Khloe.  Cardi's honesty is one of the many reasons we fell in love with her.  Khloe Kardashian asks Cardi how she told her mom that she was a stripping.  Cardi explains that her and …

Brittney Taylor - Love And Hip Hop New York Season 8

Brittney Taylor is one of Love and Hip Hop New York's new cast members.  In the first episode of season 8, "Unity" we'll see Brittney link up with Rich Dollaz.  Taylor is a Queens emcee that has worked with some of the most talented rappers in the game, including Tory Lanez, Trina and Teyana Taylor.

Brittney Taylor Vs Bianca Bonnie Fight Scroll down to see the Love and Hip Hop New York season 8 super trailer.  The video shows Bianca Bonnie having an emotional discussion with Remy Ma.  I wouldn't go to Remy if I had beef.  Remy Ma is about that life and that's why she spent 8 years in prison.  Bianca tells Remy about her beef with Brittney and Remy tries to calm her down.

Brittney and Bianca have been beefing since 2007.  Bianca doesn't listen to Remy's advice.  The trailer shows a sneak peak of Brittney and Bianca's fight.  Taylor claims that Bianca stole her swag.  The tweet below shares additional details about Brittney and Bianca's fight.


Kash Doll, Cardi B Spirit Of Detroit Award - Twitter Reacts

Cardi B won the Spirit of Detroit Award and Detroit rapper, Kash Doll isn't happy.  Cardi B thanked the city in the Instagram video below, leading Kash Doll to express her disappointment.  "I can't believe my city" the rapper, whose real name is Arkeisha Knight, explained.  Scroll down to see Cardi B's response.

Cardi B wanted to work with Kash Doll Kash Doll is a talented rapper but Cardi B is a superstar.  During Cardi's recent performance in Detroit, she announced that she wanted to work with Kash Doll.  That would have been a great look for Kash's career.  Why would Kash ruin that opportunity by hating on Cardi? It's not like Cardi asked for the award.

The following video shows Cardi giving the Detroit a shout out:

I feel very special and blessed ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you CITY OF DETROIT for giving me THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT AWARD 🥇 Thank you Hot 107.5 radio station for making it happen A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Oct 28, 2017 at 8:2…

Offset Net Worth 2017 - How Much Is Kiari Cephus Worth?

Offset broke the Internet after proposing to Cardi B at Powerhouse 99.  BET and VH1 are already discussing which network will air the couple's wedding.  BET proved that they're worthy through the success of Keyshia Ka'Oir and Gucci Mane's special The Mane Event.  Mona Scott-Young advised BET that VH1 will handle the couple's affairs thanks to Cardi's history with the network.

Offset's Net Worth As Of 2017: $3 Million The future is bright for Cardi B and Offset.  The couple has enjoyed massive success over the past few years.  Offset's $3 million net worth was earned through his the amazing music he's been delivering with the Migos.

Offset was born Kiari Kendrell Cephus on December 14, 1991 in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  His father wasn't in his…

Kim Kardashian Aaliyah Costume - Top 10 Funny Memes

Kim Kardashian ousted shared a video of herself on Snapchat dressed up as Aaliyah.  Kim is wearing the infamous diamond choker that Aaliyah wore in her video for "Try Again." It's hard to believe that Aaliyah passed away 16 years ago.  It feels like yesterday.  The talented singer would have celebrated her 39th birthday on January 16, 2018.

Kim Kardashian also dressed up as Cher for Halloween.  While people loved her Cher costume not everyone was happy about Kim's Aaliyah costume.  Scroll down to see the Top 10 reactions.

Kim nailed Cher's 1973 Oscars look.  Her friend, Jonathan Cheban dressed up as Sonny:

Check out the Top 10 reactions to Kim Kardashian's Aaliyah costume:








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