XXXTentacion - Hair Style, Eyebrows

XXXTentacion's new hairstyle is seen in the picture below.  The rapper went grey on us and shaved his eyebrows off.  He's known for his half blonde half black color palette but now he's got a Silver Surfer hairstyle.  XXXTentacion pulled a Kevin Hart.  New details about XXXTentacion's domestic violence case recently emerged so the rapper is trying to distract us.

Most of XXXTentacion's music and videos involve death and violence.  If his ex-girlfriend has a decent lawyer, the rapper's violent lyrics can be used against him.  He's infatuated with death and has been able to establish a cult-like following.  Tupac was one of the only other artists who was able to generate a cult-like following through negative music and violence.

XXXTentacion Hair Style
XXXTentacion Hair Style Eyebrows

Tupac released positive music to try to shed his bad boy image.  He couldn't change the color of his hair because he didn't have any.

XXXTentacion will do anything for attention.  He no longer needs to because he has established a fan base.  I think he can learn from Kanye West's recent mistakes.  Kanye went too far and now he's paying for it.  Jay Z has aired him out and West is in and out of court on a regular basis.

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