Messy Mya Death Photo – Anthony Barre Body

TMZ reports that Beyonce’s lawyers have filed a response to the Anthony Barre lawsuit.  The singer was sued by Barre’s estate after she used Anthony’s voice in her song “Formation.” Beyonce’s lawyers argue that her actions were reasonable because she only used a tiny snippet of Barre’s voice.  I don’t think Barre’s estate will get the $20 million they’ve demanded but Beyonce will have to pay them something.

Messy Mya’s death photo is making headlines again.  The YouTube personality was murdered in New Orleans in 2010.  A picture of Messy Mya aka Anthony Barre’s body was posted on social media moments after he was shot and killed.  The image showed the crime scene and many believe Messy Mya’s murderer was captured in the photo.

Beyonce sampled Messy Mya’s voice in her 2016 song, “Formation.” Messy Mya’s estate sued Beyonce for using the YouTube sensation’s voice.  They are asking for $20 million.  “I’m back by popular demand” is heard on Beyonce’s track.  Mya’s sister wants royalties and the lawsuit mentions Jay-Z and Sony Music.

Messy Mya Death Photo Anthony Barre Body
Messy Mya Death Photo Anthony Barre Body

Jason Baptiste Hamilton

In 2010, Jason Baptiste Hamilton told a woman that he killed Messy Mya.  Jason wanted the woman to shake his hand and threatened to kill her after she refused to do so.  The conversation between Jason and the woman was recorded.  After investigators viewed it they arrested Jason.

Jason Baptiste Hamilton Messy Mya
Jason Baptiste Hamilton Messy Mya

Jason’s mother explained that he was bipolar.  Three years later, Jason was freed.  Evidence surfaced proving that he wasn’t near the scene when the incident occurred.  Another man, who was being interrogated about a different crime, admitted to killing Messy Mya.

Beyonce thought she was paying homage to Messy Mya but his estate doesn’t agree.  What do you think about this situation? Should Beyonce have to pay Messy Mya’s sister $20 million for sampling Messy Mya’s voice in “Formation”? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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