Joshua Hupperterz Temple – Jenna Burleigh Found Dead

Joshua Hupperterz is the man Jenna Burleigh was last seen with.  Jenna is the Temple student who went missing after a night out at Pub Webb.  The incident occurred on Thursday, August 31, 2017.  Jenna was found dead in a house in Philadelphia.  Jenna’s father posted an emotional message on Facebook.

School started about a week ago and a tragedy has already occurred.  Joshua is 29 and he’s currently in police custody.  The incident teaches college students that anything can happen.  An innocent night at the bar can turn deadly.  College campuses are not as safe as they need to be.  Philadelphia is a rough city and Temple is located right in the heart of it.

Joshua Hupperterz Temple Jenna Burleigh Found Dead
Joshua Hupperterz Temple Jenna Burleigh Found Dead
Hupperterz admitted to the crime and will most likely spend the rest of his life in jail.  Students at Temple will have a difficult time getting over Jenna’s murder.  The following tweet was shared by one of the school’s fraternities:

Jenna was only 22-years-old.  Investigators think that she met Joshua moments before they left the bar.  Please keep Jenna’s family in your prayers.

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