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#EmpireFox Fan Of The Week - @tarajiquotes

@tarajiquotes is the #EmpireFox Fan of the Week! She's one of the biggest Taraji P. Henson fans on Instagram and she's always posting amazing pics of 🍪!

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The following pic shows Taraji, Kevin Hart and La La Anthony. @tarajiquotes constantly shares great pics of Taraji.

😍😍😍😍 Summer Time @TarajiPHenson #TarajiPHenson #Taraji #TarajiQuotes #KevinHart #ThinkLikeAMan #LaLaAnthony • • #Empire #TerrenceHoward #LuciousLyon #TarajiPHenson #CookieLyon #JussieSmollett #JamalLyon #BryshereGray #YazzTheGreatest #HakeemLyon #TraiByers #AndreLyon #BeckyWilliams #EmpireWednesday #EmpireFox #TheLyons #AroundTheWayGirl #HiddenFigures #FollowForFollow #Like4Like#EmpireSeason3 #EmpireSeason4 A post shared by taraji p henson (@tarajiquotes) on Apr 21, 2017 at 4:13pm PDT
@tarajiquotes had me wishing I was at the beach with the following post:

Summer Vibes 😍🌞Follow ( @TarajiQuotes ) For More 💋 @T…

Ashanti Billie - Boyfriend, Found

Ashanti Billie's boyfriend had nothing to do with the college student's disappearance and death.  He was in basic training in Fort Jackson, SC.  Him and Ashanti had a great relationship and she had plans to visit him next month for his graduation from the Army.  Sadly, Ashanti's remains were found behind a church in North Carolina.

Ashanti Billie is the Virginia Beach college student who went missing last week.  We recently published an article on Jenna Burleigh, the Temple student who was murdered earlier this month.  Ashanti was last seen entering a sandwich shop, located on the military base where she worked at.

Ashanti's car was last seen leaving the Naval Station in Norfolk, VA.  Billie is originally from Maryland and moved to Virginia Beach for college.  She graduated from Henry A. Wise High School located in Prince George's County, MD.  She was studying culinary arts at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and worked at the Blimp sub shop.

Ashanti was only 19-…

Is Yo Gotti Dead?

The rumor that Yo Gotti is dead is false.  The rapper, whose real name is Mario Mims is alive and well.  His associate, Corey McClendon, was arrested in connection to the Young Dolph shooting but was released on Friday, September 29, 2017.  McClendon was arrested on Wednesday and his bail was set to $1 million.

When the beef between two rappers gets this serious it's only a matter of time before one of them ends up dead.  These artists are connected to the streets which means they are connected to some of the most dangerous people in the world.  Yo Gotti and Young Dolph both represent Memphis although the shooting took place in Hollywood.

McClendon was released because prosecutors required further investigation from police.  It sounds like a mistake was made.  In California, if you're arrested and no charges are filed within 48 hours, you have to be released.  That's why we all loved the show The First 48.

This beef started after Young Dolph declined a record deal from Yo …

$140/Day ‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for New Stand-ins

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire Season 3 is now casting stand-ins in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are now hiring stand-ins to work on scenes filming on Monday, October 9th in Chicago, Illinois. Producers are seeking people that match the following descriptions: DESCRIPTION: Male, African American, 5’8″, Thin Build DESCRIPTION: Male, Caucasian, 6’3″, Approximately 210 lbs DESCRIPTION: Male, African American, 6’5″, […]$140/Day ‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for New Stand-ins
Project Casting via via Project Casting

Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2017 - 205/5 = $41 Million

Russell Westbrook just signed the richest contract in NBA history.  The Oklahoma City Thunder guard stopped talking to Kevin Durant after KD decided to join the Golden State Warriors but Westbrook should be thanking KD.  Once Durant left, Westbrook was able to show OKC how talented he is, earning him a five year contract worth $205 million. (205/5 = $41 million!)

Russell Westbrook Net Worth as of 2017: $170 Million The Thunder superstar's $170 million net worth is deserved consider the role he's played the last couple seasons for OKC.  Once Durant left, Westbrook put the franchise on his back.  I'm glad Carmelo Anthony and Paul George joined OKC.  Russ can't do it by himself.  The Western Conference is too talented.

Teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are too talented.  Even with Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, I don't think OKC is good enough to beat the Warriors.

2006-2008 -BLUE CHIP VIBES- #whynot A post shared by Russell…

‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for an Upscale Hotel Scene

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire is now casting extras to work on a hotel scene in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are seeking talents to work on a scene filming on Monday, October 9th in Chicago, Illinois. Producers are seeking talents to play the following roles: BELLHOP DESCRIPTION: Male, thin build, Caucasian, ages 18+ HIGH SOCIETY HOTEL GUEST DESCRIPTION: Polished, upscale […]‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for an Upscale Hotel Scene
Project Casting via via Project Casting

Cardi B Teeth Before And After Old Smile Vs New

Cardi B's teeth were always on her mind before she got them fixed.  On episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop New York's seventh season the talented rapper shows off her brand new smile.  Cardi B's producer, Swift Star, is loving her new smile.  Swift has a girlfriend in London but he's unable to control his attraction to Cardi.

Cardi B's decision to fix her teeth is paying off fast.  The rapper recently landed a role on the BET hit series Being Mary Jane.  The series stars Gabrielle Union, who recently sued BET for breach of contract.  The actress claims that she signed a contract with the network for 13 shows.  Her complaint explains that BET is trying to cram two 10 episode season of the series into a single season.

Cardi B Dentist Dr. Catrise AustinTMZ reports that business is booming for Cardi B's dentist, Dr. Catrise Austin.  Cardi's comments about her teeth are some of the most popular lyrics in the song.  Dr. Austin has numerous famous clients including Bust…

Lisa Bloom Gets Blac Chyna's Range Rover Back

Lisa Bloom helped Blac Chyna get her Range Rover back.  Last month, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna attempted to resolve their custody battle at a lawyer's office.  Rob drove the black Range Rover that he originally bought for Chyna to the meeting.  When the meeting was over, Chyna tried to take the Range Rover back but was unsuccessful.

Blac Chyna will keep Lisa Bloom very busy.  Rob and his sister, Kylie Jenner recently sued Chyna for battery, assault and vandalism.  Even if Chyna beats the case, there's nothing worst than being sued.  I'm not sure how Bloom will beat this one.  We all saw Chyna being violent on her and Rob's reality series.

Chyna has two kids and if Rob proves she's a violent person her parenting skills could be up for debate.  Rob claims that Chyna tried to strangle him with an iPhone cord.  Where were the kids when all this was happening? Tyga, Chyna's first baby daddy, will most likely try to use this incident against her.

Rob also claims …

Robert "Red" Rushing - Sports Manager, Toya Wright Baby Father

Robert "Red" Rushing is Toya Wright's new baby father.  In the video at the end of this article Toya reveals that she's pregnant.  Rushing is a 30-year-old sports manager who started dating Toya in 2016.  When I heard Toya was pregnant I jumped to the conclusion that Lil Wayne was the father.  A few months ago, the former couple was spotted spending time together.

Lil Wayne and Toya's daughter, Reginae Carter, would have been very happy if her parents had another baby together but it doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon.  Like Wayne, Red is a businessman.  The pic below shows him next to one of his 2commas book bags.

Robert Rushing Net Worth as of 2017: $3 million Rushing's hard work is paying off.  2commasclothing and his travel company have helped him generate a net worth of $3 million.  Toya's net worth of $864,000 was revealed in her 2016 divorce settlement.  Since then, Wright has been putting in hard work so her net worth is most l…

Toya Wright Boyfriend 2017 - Robert "Red" Rushing

Toya Wright's baby father is sports manager, Robert "Red" Rushing.  He's a hustler! Toya knows how to find them.  Rushing owns a clothing brand called 2commas and a travel business called Rush.  He is a major upgrade for Toya.  I'm glad she divorced Memphitz and I would love to see her and Red get married!

In the video below, Toya Wright reveals that she's pregnant.  A therapist comes to her house to help her and her daughter, Reginae Carter sort things out.  The therapist thinks Reginae is the person who needs assistance and asks her what she's dealing with.  Reginae reveals that it's actually her mother who needs help.

Toya then shows off her baby bump and everyone's wondering: Who is Toya Wright's new boo? Next, we see an advertisement for Toya's new book, You Just Don't Get It! The book will be available on October 26, 2017 on Toya's website.

Antonia "Toya" Wright's last boyfriend was Fabolous' right hand man…

Corey McClendon Memphis, Yo Gotti - Young Dolph Shooting

Corey Mcclendon, one of Yo Gotti's friends, was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Young Dolph.  The shooting occurred on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.  I think Yo Gotti will end up in jail because of this.  It's difficult to believe that he had nothing to do with the shooting.  Him and Young Dolph have been beefing for years.

McClendon is being held on $1 million bail.  Investigators are still looking for two other men who were allegedly involved in the shooting.  I don't understand why people think they can get away with stuff like this.  There are cameras everywhere and the streets never stop talking.  Law enforcement has learned since the murders of Tupac and Biggie.

Corey McClendon's mugshot is seen above.  Additional details have been released about the case.  Police say that it wasn't a drive by so Corey might be able to get off if his lawyer's argue self defense.  A fight broke out before the shooting.  Hopefully Corey's gun was regist…

‘STAR’ Season 2 Casting Call for PR Executives

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeFox’s Star Season 2 is now casting extras  to play PR executives in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting directors are seeking talent to work on a scene filming on September 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. Producers are seeking the following roles: PR Execs: Looking for a few men and women that have nice business attire to portray PR execs for a […]‘STAR’ Season 2 Casting Call for PR Executives
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‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for Pedestrians

Project Casting
Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeEmpire is now casting extras to play pedestrians in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are seeking talent to work on scenes filming on Monday, October 2nd and/or Tuesday, October 3rd in Chicago, Illinois. Producers are seeking the following types: BUSINESS PEDESTRIANS = Folks who wear suits on a regular basis. EVERYDAY PEDESTRIANS = City folk, college types, […]‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for Pedestrians
Project Casting via via Project Casting

Beyonce - 22 Day Diet, Vegan Revolution Plan

Beyonce endorses the 22-Day Revolution, a vegan diet that will transform your body.  In the video at the end of this article, Kevin Reilly of Business Insider reveals that he lost 15 pounds three weeks after starting the diet.  Now I see understand how Beyonce lost all her baby weight so fast.  Despite having twins, the singer's body looks better than ever!

Reilly is a video producer for Business Insider.  He explains that the 22-Day Revolution was a fully vegan, plant-based diet.  Beyonce wrote the foreword to the book and used the diet after she gave birth to Blue Ivy.  Beyonce lost weight very fast after giving birth to Blue leading some to believe that she faked her pregnancy.

Beyonce recently posted pictures on her website from her first pregnancy.  The images helped put an end to the fake pregnancy rumors.

Reilly is a meat eater and explains that his first week on the diet was very difficult.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article for more information about the diet…

Spike Lee - Net Worth 2017

Spike Lee's net worth is $45 million.  In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Lee discussed President Donald Trump's tactics.  Trump has been infatuated with the NFL lately so it was only right for the award-winning director to make a football reference.  Lee supported Colin Kaepernick when the former NFL star took a knee and he continues to do so.

"What Trump is good at is the misdirection play.  You're following the guy down the field and think he has a football, but the other guy's down the other way and high-tailing it and high-stepping into the end zone." Spike Lee is brilliant and his analysis of Donald Trump is exactly correct.  The president does a great job of distracting us with issues that don't matter.

President Trump's attention should be on Puerto Rico but instead he's been worried about the NFL.  Lee says that the people on Trump's bandwagon will be on the wrong side of history.

Spike Lee came into this #CNNTownHall like p…

Star TV Show Songs - Fox

Star is back and better than ever.  The following playlist features all the amazing songs from the series:

Songs from the Star TV show on Fox will be shared in this post.  Follow the link for songs from the first few episodes of Star.  Here's more older songs from Star.  

More music from Star!

We'll update the post on a regular basis.  Similar to EmpireStar's music is what sets the series apart from the competition.  We've loved broadway musicals and Lee Daniels has figured out how to make each episode of Empire and Star a mini musical.

Star premieres on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 9/8c on Fox.  The show's second episode will air on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.  The trailer for the series has shown Queen Latifah singing, something we're definitely looking forward to.  Many forget that the actress, whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens, can sing and rap.

Listen to "Gooder Than A Mother":

Check out the video for "Ain't About What You Got"…

What Happened To Lucious On Empire? - Leg Amputated

Lucious Lyon's leg was amputated after suffering injuries from a car bombing.  Andre and Shine set him up but then Andre changed his mind.  Lucious appointed Andre the head of Empire Entertainment so Andre tried to stop Lucious from going into the car.  It was too late and now Lucious is suffering memory loss.

In episode 1 of Empire's fourth season, "Noble Memory" we see Lucious struggle to remember his past.  In one of the saddest moments of the episode Lucious, Cookie, Hakeem, Jamal and Andre are having dinner and Lucious wants to hear one of his old songs.  When the song starts playing, Lucious asks who wrote it and Cookie reveals that she did.

Lucious gets upset because Cookie's name wasn't included in the song's credits.  Hakeem calls out Andre for acting like he's better than the family and then Jamal insults Hakeem for trying to at like a thug.

Lucious gets upset and tries to commit suicide by jumping in the lake.  Cookie warns him that he can…

Wood Harris Wife, Rebekah - Cheating Scandal

Wood Harris' wife Rebekah Harris could be divorcing the actor very soon.  Wood and Rebekah have been married since 2001.  The screenshots below show that Harris is being accused of cheating.  We fell in love with Wood during his time on The Wire as Avon Barksdale.  The HBO series was captivating and Wood is a major reason why.

The screenshots below are troubling and I hope these rumors are false.  Wood allegedly got his side chick pregnant and she didn't know he was married.  I find that difficult to believe but it's not impossible.  If you weren't a fan of The Wire and don't watch much TV, I wouldn't expect you to even know who Harris is.

Here's a pic of Wood's alleged side chick:

Here's the screenshots:

Wood Harris Brother Steve Harris On a lighter note, here's a fun fact about Wood: He has an older brother named Steve Harris.  The brothers are four years apart.  Steve was born on December 15, 1965 while Wood was born on October 17, 1969.  You…

Songs From Empire Season 4

http://EmpireX.Stream is your number 1 source for all the latest Empire season 4 songs.  This post will be updated on a regular basis.  Use the links at the bottom of this post for older season 4 songs.  Check out new songs from Star!

The Spring premiere of Empire's third season was unforgettable.  Cookie beat Lucious down with a bat and then ended up kissing him.  There truly is a thin line between love and hate.

Listen to "The Big 20" by Hakeem, Jamal and Tiana:

Listen to "Love Me" by Jussie Smollett:

Lee Daniels is taking over Fox just how Shonda Rhimes took over ABC.  Empire now airs at 8 PM followed by Lee's other hit TV show Star.  Daniels is one of the hardest working men in show business.  During a recent interview wit The Breakfast Club, Lee announced that he could be working on an Outkast biopic in the near future!

Jamal is all about changing the Lyon family's reputation in season 3 and he knows that Lucious they're seen as villains.  With…

How Much Is Tristan Thompson Worth? - 2017

Tristan Thompson's 2017 net worth is $15 million.  Scroll to the Instagram pics below to see 10 of our favorite Tristan and Khloe moments.  In 2015, the Cleveland Cavaliers center signed a 5 year contract worth $82 million.  Thompson deserves every penny of the deal.  He helped the Cavaliers win the 2016 NBA championship.

Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend or husband? Tristan and Khloe are not married.  Khloe recently divorced Lamar Odom.  She was married to him from 2009 to 2016.  Khloe's not the only one who was in a serious relationship.  Thompson almost married his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig who recently gave birth to their first child.  I think Tristan will put a ring on it in the very near future.

Check out our top 10 Khloe and Tristan moments:

10. When he sends her birthday wishes:

Happy bday my love, this picture right here sums up how wild, crazy and how much we love each other. Let's continue to build more memories and cherish them with each other. God bless you, I…

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