Ashanti Billie – Boyfriend, Found

Ashanti Billie’s boyfriend had nothing to do with the college student’s disappearance and death.  He was in basic training in Fort Jackson, SC.  Him and Ashanti had a great relationship and she had plans to visit him next month for his graduation from the Army.  Sadly, Ashanti’s remains were found behind a church in North Carolina.

Ashanti Billie is the Virginia Beach college student who went missing last week.  We recently published an article on Jenna Burleigh, the Temple student who was murdered earlier this month.  Ashanti was last seen entering a sandwich shop, located on the military base where she worked at.

Ashanti Billie Boyfriend, Found
Ashanti Billie Boyfriend, Found

Ashanti’s car was last seen leaving the Naval Station in Norfolk, VA.  Billie is originally from Maryland and moved to Virginia Beach for college.  She graduated from Henry A. Wise High School located in Prince George’s County, MD.  She was studying culinary arts at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and worked at the Blimp sub shop.

Ashanti was only 19-years-old.  The FBI is currently investigating the case.  This is yet another unsolved murder and Billie’s family deserves answers.

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Is Yo Gotti Dead?

The rumor that Yo Gotti is dead is false.  The rapper, whose real name is Mario Mims is alive and well.  His associate, Corey McClendon, was arrested in connection to the Young Dolph shooting but was released on Friday, September 29, 2017.  McClendon was arrested on Wednesday and his bail was set to $1 million.

When the beef between two rappers gets this serious it’s only a matter of time before one of them ends up dead.  These artists are connected to the streets which means they are connected to some of the most dangerous people in the world.  Yo Gotti and Young Dolph both represent Memphis although the shooting took place in Hollywood.

Is Yo Gotti Dead?
Is Yo Gotti Dead?

McClendon was released because prosecutors required further investigation from police.  It sounds like a mistake was made.  In California, if you’re arrested and no charges are filed within 48 hours, you have to be released.  That’s why we all loved the show The First 48.

This beef started after Young Dolph declined a record deal from Yo Gotti in 2014.  The tweet below implies that Gotti hired his men to get a job done and they failed.

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Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2017 – 205/5 = $41 Million

Russell Westbrook just signed the richest contract in NBA history.  The Oklahoma City Thunder guard stopped talking to Kevin Durant after KD decided to join the Golden State Warriors but Westbrook should be thanking KD.  Once Durant left, Westbrook was able to show OKC how talented he is, earning him a five year contract worth $205 million. (205/5 = $41 million!)

Russell Westbrook Net Worth as of 2017: $170 Million

The Thunder superstar’s $170 million net worth is deserved consider the role he’s played the last couple seasons for OKC.  Once Durant left, Westbrook put the franchise on his back.  I’m glad Carmelo Anthony and Paul George joined OKC.  Russ can’t do it by himself.  The Western Conference is too talented.

Teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are too talented.  Even with Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, I don’t think OKC is good enough to beat the Warriors.

Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2017
Russell Westbrook Net Worth 2017


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Westbrook came off the bench his freshman year at UCLA.  The Bruins used him as a shut down defender.  He played in all 36 games his freshman year but only started in one game.

Westbrook stared 34 out of 39 games during his sophomore year at UCLA.  He averaged 12.7 points and earned Defensive Player of the Year honors.


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The Seattle SuperSonics selected Westbrook with the 4th pick of the 2008 NBA draft.  A week later they moved to OKC and became the Thunder.  Russ joined a young team trying to figure things out.  One year prior, the Sonics drafted Kevin Durant with the 2nd pick of the 2007 NBA draft.

Westbrook showed signs of greatness early, recording a triple double during his first year and earning a spot on the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

In Westbrook’s second year, he earned a spot in the starting lineup.  His points per game increased from 15.3 to 16.1 and his assists increased from 5.3 to 8.  OKC made the playoffs but were eliminated in the first round by Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

In 2011, Russ was named a NBA All-Star reserve and he earned a spot on the All-NBA Second Team.  When you’re playing with great players like Durant and James Harden, it can be difficult to standout, proving just how talented Westbrook is.


A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on Aug 14, 2017 at 8:09pm PDT

Last year, Russ transformed into Superman.  His former teammate and friend, Kevin Durant, signed with the Warriors and won a NBA championship but Russ decided to stay loyal.  Russ won the 2017 MVP Award and he’s now the highest paid player in NBA history.

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Cardi B Teeth Before And After Old Smile Vs New

Cardi B’s teeth were always on her mind before she got them fixed.  On episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop New York‘s seventh season the talented rapper shows off her brand new smile.  Cardi B’s producer, Swift Star, is loving her new smile.  Swift has a girlfriend in London but he’s unable to control his attraction to Cardi.

Cardi B’s decision to fix her teeth is paying off fast.  The rapper recently landed a role on the BET hit series Being Mary Jane.  The series stars Gabrielle Union, who recently sued BET for breach of contract.  The actress claims that she signed a contract with the network for 13 shows.  Her complaint explains that BET is trying to cram two 10 episode season of the series into a single season.

Cardi B Teeth Before And After Old Smile Vs New
Cardi B Teeth Before And After Old Smile Vs New

Cardi B Dentist Dr. Catrise Austin

TMZ reports that business is booming for Cardi B’s dentist, Dr. Catrise Austin.  Cardi’s comments about her teeth are some of the most popular lyrics in the song.  Dr. Austin has numerous famous clients including Busta Rhymes, Toni Braxton and DJ Khaled.  

Cardi B Dentist Dr. Catrise Austin
Cardi B Dentist Dr. Catrise Austin

In the following video, Dr. Austin explains that business is booming!

Here’s another pic of Cardi’s old smile vs her new smile:

Cardi B Teeth Before And After Old Smile Vs New
Cardi B Teeth Before And After Old Smile Vs New

Cardi discusses her teeth in her “Foreva” video:

If there’s one person that wouldn’t mind shooting the extra episodes, it’s Cardi B.  Appearing on the series could take the reality star’s career to the next level.  Her music is adored by Love and Hip Hop fans around the world but there are still many people who haven’t heard of her.

Maybe Gabrielle Union knows a good Media Coach for Cardi B.  The rapper is hilarious and she’s very talented but reality television and serious acting roles are completely different.  Many believe that Love and Hip Hop is scripted but Cardi still has a lot to learn about acting.  On the contrary, she’s one of the best rappers alive and we can’t wait to hear her debut album!

Everyone’s favorite line from Cardi’s hit song “Bodak Yellow” is “Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you hoes know it ain’t cheap.” The New York rapper keeps it real and that’s what we love about her.

Net Worth

Cardi B is currently worth $1.2 million.  She has the number 1 song on Apple Music’s Top Charts meaning that her net worth will continue to increase.  It’s smart for her to leave Love and Hip Hop but she should pursue her own reality show.  Cardi’s personality is entertaining and she has a strong following.

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Lisa Bloom Gets Blac Chyna’s Range Rover Back

Lisa Bloom helped Blac Chyna get her Range Rover back.  Last month, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna attempted to resolve their custody battle at a lawyer’s office.  Rob drove the black Range Rover that he originally bought for Chyna to the meeting.  When the meeting was over, Chyna tried to take the Range Rover back but was unsuccessful.

Blac Chyna will keep Lisa Bloom very busy.  Rob and his sister, Kylie Jenner recently sued Chyna for battery, assault and vandalism.  Even if Chyna beats the case, there’s nothing worst than being sued.  I’m not sure how Bloom will beat this one.  We all saw Chyna being violent on her and Rob’s reality series.

Lisa Bloom Blac Chyna Range Rover
Lisa Bloom Blac Chyna Range Rover

Chyna has two kids and if Rob proves she’s a violent person her parenting skills could be up for debate.  Rob claims that Chyna tried to strangle him with an iPhone cord.  Where were the kids when all this was happening? Tyga, Chyna’s first baby daddy, will most likely try to use this incident against her.

Lisa Bloom Blac Chyna Range Rover
Lisa Bloom Blac Chyna Range Rover

Rob also claims that Chyna caused more than $100,000 worth of damage to the house he was renting from Kylie.

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